Spanish wines are a great value, robust flavor

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    And I would have to agree.

    Spanish wines come from a region that is a bit sunnier and warmer than France, so the flavors, ripeness, and sugar level contents are higher. The style of Spanish wines is a bit somewhere between French and Italian, with much of the same expert care, but more informal. That reflects in the prices.
    Due to the recent economic crisis and relatively high unemployment rate, as well as lower costs of living than France, exports from Spain can be a great bargain.

    Spanish wines tend to often be more intense and robust than French wines.

    I would particularly recommend 75 percent Garnacha with 25 percent Tempranillo mixes.
    At a price point under 12 dollars, Garnacha can sometimes be a hit or miss, so in general try to avoid the generic brands and try a few of the more smaller vineyard niche brands, if you can find them on sale. A great Garnacha can be had for under 14 dollars (especially if you live in an area that has a lot of consumer selection). (Recommended are Honoro Vara or Red Guitar)
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