Sudan Sticks to its Position to Solve Abyei Issue between the Two Countries and ...

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    Sudan reiterated rejection of US envoy Donald Booth's interferences in Abyei issue, stating that such statements will escalate the situation in Abyei.

    Speaking to reporters at Khartoum airport yesterday, Sudan's Foreign Minister Ali Karti said the issue of Abyei will be resolved through the AU High Implementation and the Presidents of the two countries who have agreed during recent President Salva Kiir's visit to Khartoum to establish Abyei civil institutions including Abyei administration and the legislative council.

    Meanwhile, the Sudanese Government invited South Sudanese Vice President James Wani Igga to visit Khartoum during the few coming days for holding the meeting of the Higher Joint Commission between the two countries.

    The Sudanese ambassador in Juba will hand over an invitation from the Sudanese government to the South Sudanese Vice President during the few coming days, said Ali Karti, Sudan's Foreign Minister.

    Karti disclosed that President Al-Bashir, President Kiir and AUHIP Chair Mbeki signed a joint letter directed to the international community stressing the need to write off Sudan's debts, support development in South Sudan, attract support for Sudan's economy which lost $3.5 billion after secession and to lift economic sanctions imposed on Sudan.

    He said the foreign ministries in the two countries will hold a meeting of the joint mechanism to discuss implementation of the agreements between the two countries, adding that the Sudanese Minister of Interior received an invitation from his southern counterpart to visit Juba soon to discuss movement of citizens including the agreement of four freedoms and establishment of border crossings.

    There are continued contacts between the legislative bodies in the two countries, he said, adding that a delegation from the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly and Council of States will visit Khartoum soon as part of parliamentary cooperation and coordination.

    Karti hoped that relations between the two countries will continue to grow for the benefit of the two countries, highlighting the invitation received by the foreign ministers of the two countries to visit Brussels for consultation with the European Union on the various aspects of cooperation besides another invitation from the World Bank to participate in a meeting in October.

    Karti made the remarks yesterday at the airport before departure for Brussels.

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