Tanzania's president targets corruption with surprise visits and sackings

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    Tanzania’s newly elected president came to power on a promise to root out corruption, and so far he hasn’t disappointed.

    A series of eye-catching measures have earned President John Magufuli plaudits, both within Tanzania and across the African continent, where he is being heralded as a model for other leaders, even though he has only been in office for a month.

    On his first day in charge, Magufuli signalled the end of business as usual with a surprise visit to the finance ministry, where he berated civil servants who were not at their desks. Since then, he has cancelled lavish independence day celebrations to free up funds to fight a cholera outbreak; slashed the budget for a state dinner to celebrate the opening of parliament, using the money to buy hospital beds; and banned foreign travel for all government officials except the president, vice-president and prime minister.

    Surprise visits appear to be a favourite modus operandi of the new administration. In one such visit, to the main state hospital, Magufuli found patients sleeping on the floor – and promptly sacked the hospital chief and dissolved its governing board.

    The prime minister, Kassim Majaliwa, turned up unannounced at Dar es Salaam’s port, and discovered a major tax discrepancy, costing an estimated $40m in lost revenue. The head of the Tanzania Revenue Authority is now under arrest, along with five of his top lieutenants, pending a criminal investigation.

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    Very much welcomed haha. The President is cleaning up corruption and forcing officials to take care of the people's business. I hope he is able to get some task force to upgrade some of the business standards and streamline some of the processes. Having to jump through the amount of hoops just to get simple things done is a nightmare. And traffic, I hope he can help improve that too. Heck yes for effective leaders.

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