The Concept of Democracy, is a self contradiction in Singapore now.

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    The Concept of Democracy, is a self contradiction in Singapore now.

    GRC system was designed to systematically suppress/ subjugate minority race rights and keep all PAP MP, not least minority ones, under the ministers unyielding leash.

    Where previously there is by election if any MP political party membership is revoked, there is no by election under the pernicious GRC system, even if the vacated seat is a minority one.

    Thus, the GRC system was created to consolidate cabinet power, and hold ransom, the entire legislature, not least minority rights, to the PAP party exco/ cabinet members.

    That GRC system was a systematic fraud and holding ransom of the West Minister system of Parliamentary democracy in Singapore is evidenced by the fact that LKY,GCT,LHL were not ignorant of the fact that the NCMP system, they introduced in 1984, one election cycle before the 1988 commencement of GRC electoral system, under the decoy of permitting a miniscule token number of opposition MP in parliament then. It would have been obvious to planners that the NCMP system would have been significantly more effective for minority race MP development and eventual election (thus more dignity for minority races than to have their representative a token puppet to satisfy GRC election criteria) and also less hijacking of the parliamentary democracy of Singapore then. Like an extremely malignant cancer, the GRC system very quickly infected the entire legislature, to almost all seats in parliament till single seat wards are a critically endangered species and likewise by elections in Singapore now- an almost extinct status, so there is zero recourse for PAP MP dating to defy the whip: the cabinet has his neck in vice grip. The executive (PAP cabinet for now), has almost the entire legislature effectively held ransom at gunpoint after LKY/GCT/LHL malignantly replaced democracy in the constitution with autocratic rule, whereby the legislature is held in vice grip of the PAP party exco and cabinet, which can effectively over rule every non cabinet PAP GRC MP by permanently vacating them from parliament and still continue to rule roughshod over Singapore without a single by-election till the next GE is called. With other shenanigans, it might be possible for cabinet to change the constitution to delay elections indefinitely, given the numerically weak opposition, although more calculation is needed on the numerical PAP dominance in parliament , after all non ministerial PAP MP seats are vacated.

    The previously hallowed concept of democracy/ separation of powers (in the early LKY years before 1988) is an oxymoron in Singapore now.

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