The Crying Queen Of Africa

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    The Crying Queen of Africa
    Biography of Leticia Nyerere, MP


    The crying queen of Africa!
    How long had it been thus?
    You, that were queen of Africa,
    With face down into dust!
    To come from rags, to excellence,
    And then brought down again:
    Your kindness and intelligence
    Shackled with loss and pain!
    Passed between many powers
    And torn by them to shreds -
    They all sought to devour you,
    And then they sought you dead -
    How could you be so exquisite,
    So gentle and so kind,
    When you are nearly destitute
    And pained in heart and mind?
    Surrounded by sorrow,
    You kept the light alive -
    And on each passing morrow
    You rose, and toiled, and strived!
    And yet remained benificent,
    And generous, and warm,
    And looked simply magnificent
    Through sunlight and through storm!
    And now you’re in the Parliament,
    You’ve triumphed over all –
    In Tanzanian government
    Instilling mind and soul!
    Triumphant queen of Africa!
    Inspiring to the world!
    You are again in Africa -
    Now let your voice be heard.


    In Africa, in Africa,
    On Tanzanian soil,
    Was born the queen of Africa
    In heat and rain and toil.
    The parents taught her from the start
    To be ready for life
    Be self-sufficient, strong and smart
    And when the time arrived
    From Africa, from Africa
    On double-engine plane
    She went - a girl from Africa -
    To a great northern land.
    She felt lost, but the Russians
    Were friendly to her, and
    They asked a lot of questions
    Till she could understand
    That they wanted to know
    Her and her world, as such:
    And they were giving, though
    They said word "nyet" too much.
    She met folks from all over
    The third and second worlds,
    From everywhere and nowhere
    Men, women, boys and girls,
    She studied many languages
    And sciences and arts
    Her natural intelligence
    Combined with people smarts
    Made her a youthful favorite
    Within the second world
    And she became warm, elegant
    And happy as a bird.
    Russia's supposed poverty
    Was for her giant wealth:
    She had possessed no property
    But all her needs were met
    She studied subjects rigorously
    All things to understand
    And lived life fully, vigorously,
    And gathered many friends.
    She gained not only knowledge
    But strength and wisdom too
    And after going to college
    She became dream come true.


    To Africa, to Africa
    From Russia she arrived.
    She went back home to Africa
    And started her new life.
    In Dar-Es-Salaam she began
    A secretarial business
    And grew in name and capital -
    And still, and nonetheless,
    Remained kind, warm and elegant
    And pleasant to behold -
    And how is this relevant?
    Learn once the story's told.
    The son of a great president
    Nyerere, no one less,
    Became her client and he spent
    Much money in the press.
    And then he asked to marry her
    And she said to him, yes.
    They married in great ceremony
    And all thought they were blessed.


    In Africa, in Africa
    Nyerere's son and her
    Became the talk of Africa
    And traveled all the world.
    Nyerere loved Leticia
    He knew that she was smart
    He saw her mind, ambition, and
    A girl of his own heart:
    And when she had her infant,
    Julius she named him.
    Two more came out, few years apart -
    She still was fit and trim.
    She started woman's magazine
    That still sells far and wide -
    She sought to serve and yet to win:
    All that was on her mind -
    Beloved in-law she remained,
    Africa's jet set queen,
    Flying to China, Russia, Spain
    And places unforeseen.
    And yet the queen was crying
    Both outside and within:
    The people were not satisfied
    No matter what she did,
    However much she tried to please
    It never was enough.
    Oh how could this have come to be?
    Why did this happen? How?
    She looked outside, folks walking by,
    And saw love in their eyes -
    Where was the love in her own life?
    Why all this darkness? Why?
    She tried all things, mistakenly,
    And nothing ever worked;
    Whatever she gave, was taken, and
    Expected of her more
    Her mind was cluttered with debris
    And arguments and pain;
    She never had a day of peace
    And so was going insane;
    She gave and gave, and strove, and yet
    Nobody gave respect;
    Despair, guilt, fear and regret
    Were screaming in her head;
    Nothing would work; nothing was right;
    In pain the queen would cry
    Whatever she did, still worse it got -
    She did not know why.
    For thirteen years this went forth -
    No matter how she tried,
    The agony kept getting worse
    And sorrow multiplied:
    “Is this my life?” thought crying queen
    “This, what life has in store?”
    She who began a magazine
    And business, and still more?
    She wanted peace of heart and thought
    To focus on her kids;
    She sought to be what she was taught
    And to do real deeds;
    “Is this my life – entirely –
    Is this the end for me?”
    Fly, crying queen, across the sea
    And then you can be free!
    After much agony and fear
    At last she did decide
    To get her kids and disappear
    In middle of the night
    Three months before the President died,
    Leticia challenged Fates
    And took a plane, kids at her side,
    To the United States.


    From Africa, from Africa
    Arrives the fallen queen
    Carrying warmth of Africa
    Still looking like a dream
    But now she must herself survive
    And for her kids provide.
    She must learn how to stay alive
    And keep them at her side.
    She works as an accountant;
    There’s insufficient pay.
    She works then for the government
    To serve and to protect.
    The children mix with druggies,
    She changes neighborhoods
    She toils, and cleans, and struggles
    Like no one knew she could.
    She wakes, four in the morning,
    Comes home late at night
    And then she works from home
    Struggling just to survive
    It’s do all this each coming day
    Simply to make ends meet,
    Or lose everything that she has
    And wind up on the streets.
    Nobody thinks she is a queen
    But she knows: She must strive
    To do all for herself and kids
    And struggle to survive.
    She starts organization
    To help Tanzanian kids.
    She works on reputation
    Mid races, peoples, creeds,
    The wolf's maw of survival
    Is breathing down her neck -
    Thus greet the new arrival
    Who's fallen off the track.
    Thus treat the fallen beauty?
    How far? How long? How true?
    Who was the undisputed
    Princess, and brilliant too?
    Survival, unforgiving,
    Is screaming in her face:
    Now go and make a living
    Or be destroyed, erased -
    She answers, I am working,
    Now leave my kids alone!
    All come, at her heart jerking,
    Desiring her undone,
    Her mother dies, and when she leaves
    For Africa, the friends
    And family meet her and kids
    And help her understand
    How much she’s loved - the President’s wife
    Supports her through her grief,
    And as though it was her own life
    Provides her with relief.
    She gets herself a mansion
    For her three kids and her.
    She gathers the attention
    Of people from all over
    In Africa she gains respect;
    They see she is strong-willed
    And while it is a little late
    It is accepted still,
    And she accepts and she’d forgive
    And says that they are great -
    And for the people such as these
    No, it is not too late!
    She says she’s struggled all her life
    Whatever she achieved
    And every day was more of strife
    For as long as she’s lived,
    And that when people see one’s strength
    And one’s consistency
    One can indeed gather respect
    From sea to shining sea.
    Leticia stays majestic
    And giving, strong and smart:
    Hard-working and domestic
    And with a giving heart
    She tends to kids, to work, and
    To Tanzanian youth:
    An Africa's black orchid
    In which resides God's truth.
    Momentous consummation!
    Her elegance and will
    Make for a combination
    Like rose or daffodil,
    A woman who combines the best
    Of the worlds old and new:
    Gentle, polite, gorgeously dressed
    And free and thoughtful too!
    A woman who is feminine
    And in her spirit kind,
    Cultured, strong and intelligent
    And sweet in heart and mind,
    Now deep, for all the pain she's seen,
    But choosing to make light -
    Still looking - being - like a dream
    Like no one knew she might -
    Great hostess, parent, saleswoman -
    Really, she has it all!
    And in the darkness, like the sun,
    She shines to light the world,
    With pain that she has suffered
    Growing in empathy,
    With truths she has uncovered
    Shimmering like a sea,
    Hoping to turn her energy
    To help the ones in pain,
    And use strength and intelligence
    To shine like light of day,
    With all the things she knows
    And all at that she’s become
    To make all good things grow
    And make them bloom as one.


    To Africa, to Africa
    Leticia returns
    Straight out of America
    And uses what she's learned
    To make a run for Parliament -
    A woman candidate -
    There, to improve the government
    And humanize the state.
    Many attack Leticia
    And speak barbaric lies;
    Journalists, politicians
    Attack and criticize
    Choices made of necessity
    And choices made of truth
    But even these adversities
    Don't steer her from her path.
    With help of Freeman Mbowe,
    Along with Dr. Slaa,
    As well as Zitto Kabwe
    And much of CHADEMA,
    Her brothers and her sisters,
    Children, mother in law,
    Good friends in Tanzania
    And in America,
    Leticia triumphs over
    The ugliness and lies
    And all that is thrown at her
    She fully overcomes
    And in Tanzania's parliament
    Arrives Leticia, now
    A member of the government
    With faith in her bestowed,
    To keep Nyerere's legacy,
    To fight for women's rights,
    To fund the universities,
    Help Tanzanians rise
    To knowledge, ability,
    Excellence in all fields -
    And with new viability
    A better country build.
    She fights for rights of children,
    For growth of every kind,
    For building on the givens,
    For changing people's minds,
    For raising Tanzania
    To levels it deserves;
    For better life for women;
    And for correcting course
    Of the entire Africa
    Until it too can thrive:
    That residents of Africa
    Can have a better life;
    And uses what she's learned in all
    Her travels all around
    To implement a better goal:
    To make a change profound,
    A change that leads to clarity,
    Prosperity and peace:
    To change people's mentality
    Till even a child sees
    That they can make a betterment,
    That they can grow and thrive,
    That they can have good government
    And have meaningful lives,
    That they can do each other good
    And to fulfil their dreams
    And lift African continent
    To real lasting peace,
    To growing prosperity,
    Achievement in all fields,
    To government transparency,
    To covenant that builds
    A better life for Africans -
    Men, women, children, each -
    And make the lives they're dreaming of
    Within the people's reach.


    Beautiful women of Africa!
    Leticia says again:
    Do not just seek for equal rights -
    Do everything you can!
    Make most of your abilities,
    Take charge of your own lives,
    Apply responsibility
    And be again advised:
    The world is hard, competitive;
    These things you must expect
    And all who are humanity
    This knowledge must accept -
    Do your own best, as much as you
    Can muster; and remain
    The person that you always knew
    You were in your heart; and
    Help out each other as you strive
    For better, fuller life
    So that more women can arrive
    To freedom, and survive
    As best of what they are; as what
    They can and should become -
    And all that comes as obstacle
    They know to overcome:
    You, fine women of Africa!
    Your fortune's in your hands!
    Use it to better Africa -
    And fully understand:
    It will take much, but the reward
    Is worth the effort made:
    When you, just like Letitia did,
    Take future in your hands.


    In Africa, in Africa
    The Tanzanian queen
    Does cry no more: Look, Africa
    At wonder that you've seen!
    Look up, and see what's possible
    Example she has shown:
    To work through hatred, pain and loss
    And all the more to know
    And then to strive, informedly,
    To live, and do good deeds,
    And though you suffer horribly
    To be still warm, and sweet,
    And giving, and magnificent,
    And smart, and all you are -
    And erudite, benificent -
    Like wave - no, like a star:
    Illumining the universe
    And shining, through the haze,
    With all that's true and, luminous,
    Will conquer and amaze:
    Will show what is humanity
    When it is at its best:
    To call the Holy Trinity
    And ask Them this request:
    Postpone a while the world's end -
    Really, we can do well:
    To know the truth of heaven
    After it's gone through hell
    Is to know all the darkness
    And using mind and will
    Create the gorgeous flowers -
    Orchids and daffodils -
    And be them, with the sunlight
    And liquid light of stars
    From morning until twilight
    Tau Ceti, Sun and Mars -
    To grow, to love, to nurture
    And bring the bound-down seed -
    The beauty torn and tortured
    And bound down by deceit -
    Into complete unfoldment
    Where all can know and see
    And inspiration for all time
    Of what mankind can be
    And this to give the coming ones:
    With this world to inspire:
    To have come through the darkness
    And shine with holy fire:
    And with this fire to make a torch
    That beams within the sky:
    Illumining each holy church
    And every human's eye:
    And make them see what's possible
    And what can become true
    And what is now plausible
    Because of those like you.
    O crying queen of Africa!
    Do not cry any more!
    You are again in Africa -
    Now let you be adored!

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