They're finally using artificial intelligence in the class, introducing ALEKS.

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    ALEKS is a web-based learning system that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to assess your present you content for our course. Based on your initial knowledge assessment; ALEKS will individualize instruction for you, starting with those topics you are most ready to learn. It is your responsibility to understand that:

    • In ALEKS mathematical topics are divided into areas and these areas are represented by pieces of a pie chart. This course groups the areas into four modules with a quiz for each module. Work through the appropriate ALEKS learning topics in preparation for each of the four quizzes.
    (And so on, snip)​

    Woo Hoo! I read the words "artificial intelligence" and I knew this will be an awesome experience. I must say I lived to see the day when AI is used to assist in teaching, and I'm not just hearing about it, but I actually get a chance to experience it thanks to my going back to school to get a bachelor's degree.


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