Time Like A Rose

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    What if the time was not linear
    Nor cyclical
    Nor dialectical
    But shaped like a rose
    composed of delicate tender tapestries
    spiraling between center and far away
    consisting of arduously woven passion
    enfolding the seed of life
    flush with tenderness and blushing with beauty
    reaching out to the world
    as life's most resplendent embodiment
    and its link to the times to come?

    what if the time was a rose
    made of einsteinian frames
    all petals of rose
    a cool fragrant tapestry quilted of finest silk
    flush with tenderness and blushing with beauty
    through multidimensional craftsmanship
    bringing the substance of life
    into myriad twists and turns
    and caressing the wind
    as she nourishes the embodied center
    and becomes the embodiment of the sublime
    spiraling between the immediate and the eternal?

    In the interconnectivity
    In the interrelativity
    In the intersubjectivity
    In the interrationality
    In the interemotionality
    In the interspirituality

    the petal of rose will expound

    burnishing all with fragrance and inspiration

    seeking the good of the next and the good of the seed
    and the good of the whole
    and her greatest excellence
    and the universe will bloom through her
    spiraling from the center and into the air

    and between the seed and the frame
    with invisible filaments
    to weave the infinite through the incorporeal
    and alight and aliven them both in sublimity
    making the past and the future the present
    and two poles a continuity
    that the souls move back and forward through time
    at the speed of infinity
    on the petal of rose
    and in her are made eternal and incorporeal

    where timeless and time attain one another
    through invisible filaments
    and become life transcendent

    as she maps
    her infinite tenderness
    and her arduous excellence
    and her ethereal delicacy
    in every time-shattering moment
    of timed eternity
    that is her essence and inspiration

    upon the valves

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