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    Usually the media, Faux News excepted, does a great job of informing us with details of a major news event. Yesterday brought an exception. The headline read, "Cheney Has Heart Transplant", and the accompanying story mentioned he'd spent twenty-two months waiting for the procedure. My first issue with the story centered on the word "transplant".

    Dick Cheney, the Darth Vader of American politics, had a heart? That's a stunning revelation, which received no explanation in any of the national coverage. But you can't receive a "transplant" if you didn't already have a heart, even a faulty one.

    So let's assume, as a fact, that Dick Cheney did have a heart. That creates the next problem with coverage of the story. News accounts, as previously mentioned, indicated he went through a twenty-two month wait for his new one. No mention was made as to whether this wait was caused by a lack of suitable doners because of color. If it's true the Dick Cheney already had a heart, even a faulty one, it was undoubtedly black, and seeking another black heart as a replacement may have played a significant factor in the creating the long wait. Perhaps there will be some follow-up details provided in the next few days.

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