vigilantes in Northern Ireland taking care of drug dealers

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    Gangs in Northern Ireland are shooting drug dealers to rid their community of them.

    It seems the local population was not comfortable with a police presence in their town, because Northern Ireland is controlled by the British, and these are British police.
    The British police, meanwhile, do not seem to want to allocate law enforcement to this area, despite pleading from many members of the local community that they do.
    As a result, a vacuum was created. In the absence of police, and with the dismal economic situation and high unemployment, drug dealing became rampant.

    These gangs are affiliated with the former [illegal] militia that had been waging an insurrection fighting for the right to vote and Irish reunification (something half the population in Northern Ireland supported).

    It seems there's not really peace if the people in that area cannot accept the police from the British government who controls the territory.

    Or is the problem the British government? Why don't they recruit local members of the community in that area to act as the police force? Then there'd be no problem.

    It seems those people in that area seem more suspicious of the British police force, thinking they're more concerned about disarming and going after their Irish militia than about actually dealing with criminals.

    Those drug dealers do not deserve to be shot and killed (Some may disagree with me here) but in the absence of an official police force enforcing laws in the area, it seems there are no other options. (Unless the community was just willing to allow the drugs, that would be an interesting Libertarian experiment)

    It's a complicated situation.

    That militia is very similar to a criminal gang, albeit one that thinks it's doing good for the community.

    The British government has some blame here if they're not providing a police force to deal with those problems that is acceptable to the community.

    What I'm not sure I understand is why can't the local county raise their own legal law enforcement group?
    Is there some law or government structure that prevents them from doing that? (I'm presuming so)
    Maybe they're not allowing locals to serve in law enforcement for fear it would be infiltrated by the Irish militia.
    In that case there's not truly peace in the area.

    In a lot of ways this scenario seems like a trade-off between weapons laws and drug law enforcement. If they were willing to give up one, they could have the other.
    Not without a little bit of irony.
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