Whale Flash Mobs

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    In just one more instance of the unpredictable events of 2017, scientists have noticed that some humpback whales are gathering in puzzling "super-groups" of up to 200 animals, instead of their usual small crew....


    Over the past few years, humpback whales—normally solitary creatures—have been amassing in huge “super-groups,” surprised scientists report in a recently published article in PLOSone. At dozens of different times, crowds numbering from 20 to 200 whales have been spotted congregating off of the west coast of South Africa.

    “It’s quite unusual to see them in such large groups,” whale researcher Gísli Vikingsson told New Scientist. South Africa is also much further north than the whales usually venture in the summer—normally, they’re way down south in the Antarctic.


    Is this because they have recovered and we never have seen what they do when they their populations are high, are they preparing for Vger to return a la Star Trek, or are they possibly fleeing something going on where they normally should be?

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