When communications are out of balance there is chaos going on

Discussion in 'Science' started by Xanadu, May 13, 2015.

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    The world is currently in (invisible) chaos by it's own communications over the information the media is putting out (mainly via television) This is how even the entire world can lose it's freedom in the end (when that information has drawn over seventy percent of minds along in that information war. Not taking part of an infowar is very hard, because of curiosity and emotion/fear)

    So humanity need to try to bring balance in it's own communications (reduce chaos), and that can only be reached by beginning to reduce communications over the information coming from outside of the societies.
    Not one citizen in any nation in the world has control over 'its' media, but they communicate with the information coming from the media, and also from movies and news media, news papers, and news online.

    All that information is extra information, that extra information is what is pushing nearly every society in the world out of balance on its own communications.
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    I disagree with the bold above. The information that is presented to the public, generally speaking, is done so because this is what the public demands. The most stupid and idiotic show on TV will not last one week if they don't get the ratings...and ratings are created by how many people are watching. TV news programs are the same...without viewership they fail so it is obvious they pander to the audience. Why do we have extreme political left and right news shows on TV...because the viewership wants this. So...it is the People who decide the information which is communicated in the media.

    It's easy to say it is incumbent upon each individual to demand honesty, truth and facts, etc. However, when the individual does not want to hear this, and they prefer biased information, how can we blame the idiots for wanting to stay in their comfort zones? This is why as a nation we can't have public dialogue on the issues...we're too stupid and biased to do this.

    We're also too stupid to know we are doomed...

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