Wisconsin becoming 'surrounded by smoke

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    From the article:

    "MARINETTE, Wis. — On the Wisconsin side of the Interstate Bridge marijuana remains strictly illegal, but when a driver crosses over to Michigan the laws become a little more hazy.
    At the Hush Lounge in Menominee people can gather at a ‘social club’ and legally smoke pot. However, under current laws, people still can’t legally buy it.
    At Cloverland in Daggett, employees said they used to sell medical marijuana and have now applied for a license to sell recreational. If they get approved - they expect to see a lot of Wisconsinites come through their doors.
    Both businesses are within 45 minutes of the Wisconsin border and the city of Marinette, where the concern from police is that some people may not be coming back empty handed.
    “It wouldn’t be surprising,” Marinette Police Lt. Scott Ries said."

    The GOP leaders in the state legislature, KNOW since we're surrounded by Free States, we're GOING to bring it in. Even with municipalities like Milwaukee, and Madison essentially being cannabis sanctuary cities, so far as possession is concerned, All of those miles of State and Federal Highways make SUCH great targets to fill prisons (which they voted to increase spending on, instead of taking in taxes on weed) and assess fines.

    As a Fiscally conservative Libertarian, I tended to vote more in line with centrist GOP members in the past.

    No longer.

    Single Issue voting, while I have preached against it in the past, sure does seem to work well for abortion, and 2a Folks... point being, both "sides" practice it.
    And now, so will I and millions of others.

    Many GOP members, (Trump included) have expressed support for our cause.. likely only lip service, so people like John Boehner can now lobby for cannabis, and get paid... while actually producing zero results.... no change from being in congress I guess...

    Anyway, if the GOP wants to retain millions of conservative cannabis users, they best step it up! 61653382_300898790852261_7057676980195426304_n.jpg
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