Would you give your life to save moral non-believers from hell?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by FreedomSeeker, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Question: Jesus allegedly gave his life to atone for our ancestors (Adam/Eve, who didn’t really exist, science shows us) being sinners, would you give your life to save the billions of very moral non-believers from “hell”? Just how loving are you? Would you give your life, say by being tortured twice as long as Jesus was allegedly tortured, if it would save the billions of very moral non-believers from the “hell” that god/Jesus will allegedly see that they get sent to?

    Me, yes, I care about people enough to do that. By willing to make that sacrifice (twice as much torture, so save most people from hell - which is more than Jesus saves because more people are hell-bound non-believers than are headed to heaven), I'd effectively, when you really think about it, be more moral than even Jesus' sacrifice (which would be less torturous, and would help fewer people than my sacrifice would.)
    What about you?

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