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Mar 14, 2020
    1. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      Haven't seen any posts in a long time. Did you drop out from the forum. Still in Texas? Your wife?
    2. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      Dropping you a line wishing you and your wife a Happy Thanksgiving How is your wife doing? We have a lot to be thankful for in this day of modern medicine. Not sure what state you live in but I hope your not caught up in all the devastation that has been inflicted on California.
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      2. 22catch
        Thank you for the kind words :) We all surely have much to be thankful for and Crystal is well. After 13 years as a journalist shes taking a break and we have relocated back home to Texas. That family support system is huge for people with chronic illnesses.

        I hope your recovery has been speedy and we wish you and yours the best turkey day and holidays friend.

        Nov 21, 2018
    3. Carl Von Clausewitz
      Carl Von Clausewitz
      You seem like an intelligent guy.
    4. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      I hope it will have a good exchange of ideas. Where we may disagree may it be in friendly banter and enlightenment.
    5. Oh Yeah
      Oh Yeah
      I loved the novel Catch 22 when it first came out. Like Yossarian and his comrades, many more will die, just when you think the end has come the players will have changed their positions and alignments. Sad.
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    Ask questions of yourself first then others, connect the dots, profit.