Nov 10, 2008
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    1. Ronstar
      anti-Semitism is evil
    2. MVictorP
      I am honoured by your following. Thanks.
      1. alexa
        Been meaning to do it for ages.
        Apr 28, 2018
        MVictorP likes this.
    3. Jazz
      Hi, Alexa!
      Here are some well deserved Brownie Points:
      B. B. B.

    4. Liebe
      Alexa thanks for posting that article on anti-semitism. I accepted it fully. But I beleive that it supported my views on the anti-semitic nature of many apparent critics of zionism. For some reason the "respond to post" button was not showing on those posts of yours so I decided to leave a message here.
    5. RevAnarchist
      Hi comrad lol...I was curious of what your gender was, I suspected a female. Not that it really matters, I will probably anger your feminist friends by posting this, what the h**, I am a traditionalist concerning male/female relationships meaning I’m a bit more kind to females than males in mannerism etc. That nuance even bleeds into debate discussions etc.
    6. Death
      Hey Alexa on debateforum I have this amazing exchange of threads with Mira on that stupid Middle East conflict. I thank you for that. I would not have gone over and noticed her comments if not for you.

      You and Mira both kick ass. The planet has hope.
    7. Leviathon
      Hey alexa, thanks for your rep. How you been? Is the forum still pretty much a breeding ground for the far right?
    8. Mira
      Thank you for honouring me with your friendship offer alexa, I've read some of your posts and look forward to reading more.
    9. Mira
      Thanks for having defended me on "gay rights" thread alexa. I have learnt not to pay attention to such people.
    10. alexa
      I had imagined they knew or he is someone who can do this anyway. I don't like to write too much in an open board.
    11. Makedde
      Interesting, do you think the Mods are letting him get away with certain things and protecting him? Have you raised the issue with the other Mods yet?
    12. Makedde
      Very interesting...what other things have you noticed?
    13. Makedde
      Well they way he keeps getting away with hijacking every thread makes you wonder, doesn't?
    14. Bosco
      Hi Alexa, seen your comment on Joes thread.

      Well the news is there is yet another BNP type on the forum, somebody get the rat posin so we can get rid of these vermin.
    15. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Heya. I haven't actually saw the post yet, so unfortunately i can't confirm it either way. But i shall keep my eyes peeled for strange happenings.
    16. Jifakir
      Thank you for rep. ;)
    17. alexa
      Yes, I was very impressed with his film on Venezuela at the time he took to make sure he could prove things he said. I just wish I could remember more. We used to have loads of documentaries of this kind of quality and shockingness!!!
    18. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Nice, i love his work. If other journalists had the insight and courage to write and make films like he does the world would be a far better place.
    19. alexa
      Yes, we used to get a lot of his documentaries before the mid 80's. The Venezuela one was the first I had seen for a long time.
    20. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Hey alexa, i was just wondering if you have seen any ther Pilger films? There are so many great ones i could recommend and most are available on google videos.
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    There is no monument to the Palestinian children .... with the British elite’s enduring connivance, such as the recent campaign that destroyed a modest reform movement within the Labour Party with specious accusations of anti-Semitism. Pilger