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May 29, 2016
    1. Wired
      Interesting Username. Care to explain it?
    2. changed
      Welcome Back. Been a longtime!
    3. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      check me answer to you in the prayer thread...
    4. Jack Ridley
      Jack Ridley
      Huh, Social Security coming full circle. We thought they were going to die before they could get their benefits, but that ain't happening. Well we'll make it happen.
    5. daisydotell
    6. daisydotell
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
    7. Matt
      Haha funny avatar
    8. Never Left
      Never Left
      Happy Holidays to you as well! God bless.
    9. JonathanBlu
      Glad to see your ban has been lifted, welcome back!
    10. daisydotell
      Glad you are back now be good...if you
    11. Never Left
      Never Left
      Hey where can I get that avatar? I'd like to see that on a tee-shirt!
    12. JonathanBlu
      Cool avatar, that last one you had was nuts!
    13. Anarcho-Technocrat
    14. JonathanBlu
      What do you mean when you say you learn your intolerance from the media's intolerance for intolerance?

      Very curious you know!
    15. Anarcho-Technocrat
      TY very much sir :)
    16. The specialist
      The specialist
      I love math dude so I'm all for it ... By the way,you are a very intelligent person - I wish I would have taken school more seriously ... Peace
    17. Xilaisalt
      dude, you're like a frikken genius. omfg.

    18. CIAagent11
      You are un-banned. I'm happy to see.
    19. Fed1913
      I enjoy reading your posts, brother. We're on the same page on everything i've read thus far...
    20. feetie
      I like that pic however where is Bush? He did more to erode or liberties than any president in recent history!
    21. Anarcho-Technocrat
    22. camp_steveo
      Stick around. ~SC
    23. Riordan
      I have been studying classical physics because I do not have the mathematical background to check and verify quantum physics; however, I have been educated by an individual who has a masters in quantum physics in where I have misinterpreted these experiments that I had originally looked at. The reason why most individuals interpret quantum physics incorrectly is because it relys on an entirely different set of logic than is classically accepted.

      So many of us who have accepted "[If then else] = X or Y" logic have a hard time dealing with
      "and(if then else) = X or Y and Y or X" because it is hard to imagine a 'switch' system that uses 0s, 1s, and 0 & 1. Its fun to imagine your algebra homework if you had to use this logic as you can see I have violated the laws of distribution. :)
    24. kmisho
      The thread has been created. I'm no pro but, like I said, I'm curious.
    25. kmisho

      Before I set up the thread, let's briefly discuss rules. In my view these can be very simple.

      You post your initial stance. I will have one rebuttal then you will have one rebuttal to my rebuttal.

      Then I will post my stance based on the discussion thus far. Then, same as before, we each get a rubttal.

      Then your turn again, repeat. After we each post 2 stances and rebuttals thereto, we both have the option of bowing out with no fault. At that time, though, we can mutually agree to continue if we both wish. I only suggest this so there is an absolute end to the debate if either one of us wishes it. But if we both want to go on, we can.

      My only condition is I must have 2 days per reply. I have too much going on to be assured of 1 full reply every day. The same for you if you agree.
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    “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.” - Max Plank

    “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” - Max Plank