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Oct 9, 2009
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Jun 26, 2015
    1. Til the Last Drop
    2. protectionist
      This is why I won't discuss anything with you again. Please don't respond to any of my OPs or posts. You came right back yakking about the invasion of Afghanistan (2001 ?) AFTER I clearly told you I was talking about the present (2012). Please stay out of my threads (OPs). And I assure you I will stay out of yours. LOL.
    3. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Congratulations!! All the way around!
    4. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Where did you disappear to? Hope all is well.
    5. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      yo homer,i sent you a couple pm messages,didn't you get them?
    6. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Thank you for the message. I know our society has complex problems covering every inch of every system, I'm more of an "overall" type of perspective. Good top guy. I think if we go right to the heart of the problem, and changed things no one thought was possible, genuine people, wanting genuine good things for the nation, could work out the details. I try and tell people, globalists are anti-nations, so what are they doing in control of our nation? They see the world as one, so even though we have problems in every part of our society, not only do they not care because "we still have it better than the rest", but even if they try they can't fix anything because the problems are that of small firms and workers and none of them have ever been either.
    7. flounder
    8. flounder
    9. Ostap Bender
    10. Sarah G
      Sarah G
      Good, I've been good, glad to see you here. I'll stick around awhile getting to know the new partisan hacks. :) How many boards have we known each other from? I thought I knew you before usmb but maybe your name was different.
    11. Sarah G
      Sarah G
      Yes, it's me, how are you? I was wondering if you were one and the same.
    12. zipper
      Can't help but notice the MOH on your avatar. Is it yours? If so, as a former Marine, I salute you. If not, since I can't shake your hand I'll just say welcome to the forum. See you around.
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    us rhode island
    Father of seven, anti-globalist, anti-big government, pro-freedom

    music, political discussion, coaching my boys' football teams


    I support neither the Republicans nor the Democrats as I see supporting either as supporting the maintaining of the status quo.

    I am pro-America, pro-working class, pro-family, and pro-human. By pro-America, I mean pro constitutional democracy with a republican form of representative government based on secular human ideals of individual liberty and freedom.