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Mar 4, 2014
Feb 25, 2009
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Mar 4, 2014
    1. Jack Ridley
      Jack Ridley
      Have you ever read Breakfast of Champions? It is much easier to forgive and love people when you believe they are machines.

      Go read my new thread in the Opinions section.
    2. Raskolnikov
    3. Raskolnikov
      I think I should just write one massive post encompassing all my beliefs and justifications (where they exist) and respond to every question like that. Or perhaps just answer with lines from Jabberwocky.......can't decide
    4. Raskolnikov
      I'm really getting sick of a lot of people on this site. It's difficult to have discussions with the likes of Silicon Magic to name one.
    5. Raskolnikov
      Are you interested in Electronics? Or just textbooks in general? For a killer maths one try Baby Spivak: "Calculus on Manifolds" by Michael Spivak. Supposed to be one of the hardest undergrad texts ever. I only used it up until the chapters in integration because I wanted a nice proof for the Inverse Function Theorem. I might pick it back up after Christmas.
    6. Raskolnikov
      I haven't read any decent books in a while, was thinking of getting Sophie's World, not really sure what it's about and I don't really want to read wiki or anything because they give far too much info.
    7. Raskolnikov
      Poor show replying on your own page. A blatant attempt to control the media. Is the book any good?
    8. Jack Ridley
      Jack Ridley
      Have at you! I just got done reading Darkness at Noon, and I know how you think!
    9. Raskolnikov
      Including....Harry....Harry the Hermit Crab? You Randys are simply....too Randy. Well we have a back-up plan. We'll purge ourselves, see how you like that!
    10. Raskolnikov
      Did the Crab-men beam the information into your mind too? The Empire Never Ended.
    11. Raskolnikov
      Yeah but if you Randys eat everyone's babies and make the SS cry then who are we socialists going to kill during the purges? One needs to have a good killing to appease the lack of Gods, otherwise the capitalist dogs will prevail.
    12. Raskolnikov
      It's hardly fair to put Sadistic-Saviour through all that, he still believes in the colour green.
    13. Raskolnikov
      And why am I spared from being called pretentious? Is it cos I'm a dick? :)
    14. Propagandhi
      Thank you !! I don't find many people that have the same taste in shows as I do.
    15. GrumpyDog
      Anybody who likes Escher is a friend of mine.
    16. f100supersabr
      Even when was in there was virtually nothing in raw aluminnum. Our Huns e.g f100's were jungle camo and my c130 Herky Squadron was OD Olive Drab. In Vietnam f100, f4's C-7'S & Providers were camo or OD. Funny think 4 or 5 of our SUPPERSarbe came out of the factory the year I was in 1sT grade- betcha they were raw aluminum when they were born. Are you AirForce ? or Navy ?
    17. f100supersabr
      Thanks It was a great plane for it's day !
    18. BleedingHeadKen
      I've been an ordained minister since 1989.
    19. Atheos
      Yup... I'm quick.

      I've got like 10 conversations going at any given time.
    20. Kimaris
      I'll add it to my reading list.
    21. Propagandhi
      Haha and that's why music is great. We disagree at times politically but musically we can agree. Different album, but I've been listening to Brian Eno's album "Another Green World" lately. Never fails to amaze me how many people he influenced.
    22. Propagandhi
      Brian Eno, 1977. King's Lead Hat, great song.
    23. ickypop
      Hello, thanks for adding me.
    24. Ronin Tetsuro
      Ronin Tetsuro
      Yessir, I was. What of it?
    25. The-Irish-Socialist
      Hey Ridley,
      while I enjoy our little chats I'll have to get back to you. I've got 4 assignments I want to get done so I can enjoy Paddy's day and a little trip I have planned and I'm finding it difficult to hop between threads and do them at the same time, I might get back to you in a while when I get a far bit into them.
      Do chara, T-I-S
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    "not till a later epoch does he discern that all Power is Moral, that the grand point is the distinction for him of Good and Evil, of Thou shalt and Thou shalt not." - Thomas Carlyle