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    1. Inferno
      That is the truth. The stagnation and defense of the system is the biggest problem. It comes with the brainwashing into the system of the US. It is an indoctrination. That is why we are working within the system to make changes. The rural community that we are moving into will be open. We believe that we will make big inroads very quickly as we will be part of the new structure of the town.
    2. Inferno
      I don't trust suits. I never have and never will.
      The land is all of ours. The more we reach into ourselves and see that we are in all of this together the better we will all be.

      As long as greed and selfishness rule the day we can never reach the next evolution. We are bound to the useless struggles within this type of society.
    3. Inferno
      I stay away from that thread. I find that I have different socialistic views then most of the people here. Mine is a very pure view that is Utopian. I am not sure that my ideal would even work in an entire society. It does work well on a small scale.
      We bought a farm and 13 people are going to live on the farm and work it. They will integrate with the rural population up there. They are also going to start a school in the community. 5 of the people that will be up there have Doctor's degree's in education. They will offer to take kids of the community into the school. No charge for private education on a small scale and we think that people will put their kids in that school. This way we begin to have an influence into that area.
      The Commune will make other things available to the area as well. This will spread the community into the area and make roots. A couple of others are going up there to open a farm goods store and one will open a crafts and art store. Hey we may take over the town someday and have elected officials.
      This is socialism at the ground roots that will help it evolve into that area. One of the MD's in the community would also consider moving up there to be the town doctor. This is the way to implement socialism into the regular lives of the many.
      The rest here that are socialist posters don't have this kind of action in their lives. Ours is a growing lived concern.
    4. Inferno
      I will look forward to seeing this thread.

      I am still trying to rework the idea for the varies political parties idea. I got mad that people don't really read what you post before that start destroying the thread.
    5. Inferno
      I'm good. Thanks. How are you?

      The week does seem long. It seem like the threads on here aren't changing. There don't seem to be many new ones.

      How goes the job search? Any luck yet?
    6. Inferno
      I am already back. It didn't take as long as I thought.
    7. Inferno
      I know that ego is at the top of the list for many. I have seen that. To say something that appeals to a male and have it really hit home add the ego piece and you win. Hugs. I will be off line for a while. I will talk to you later.
    8. Inferno
      Here is a clue. Women base much of there thought on feelings and relationship. Feelings and how you feel about something are very big in their books. We depend on feelings a great deal more than males do.

      That is a real help to know. The other thing is that when a women is talking about a project of sorts we see that in relationship to everything else in the world. Men see only the project. So if a woman is talking about a project or task it is not limited to just that one thing. It is very expansive.
    9. Inferno
      I think we can get along just fine if we try and understand where the other gender is coming from. When I learned that men are goal to goal thinking it made it so much better for me to understand and communicate what I was thinking. I adapted my requests to terms men understand and we worked fine after that. I was told that I was one of the few women they could understand.
    10. Inferno
      That's about the size of it.
    11. Inferno
      We don't always understand the opposite sex. We think differently completely. Men are focused on goal women are focused on the whole. When a women sees something she sees all of it. Men see it step by step. Big difference and leads to much confusion and frustration.
    12. Inferno
      Forget trying. You never will. We are different creatures. LOL
    13. Inferno
      Well I am glad that she was agreeable to an open relationship. That's a good thing. Some people just can't do that. They get all crazed and (*)(*)(*)(*) when they think that someone is not exclusive.
    14. Inferno
      It is going well thanks. It is a beautiful sunny day though chilly. I am feeling good and life is fine.
    15. Inferno
      It went no where. The people that posts didn't post their views. They critiqued mine. I will try it a different way in a few days. I will set it up differently.

      How goes it today?
    16. Inferno
      That is a good idea. I made the thread. I am not sure whats going on with it. I have been watching TV. I am going to check it out now and see how things are going.
    17. Inferno
      This is good input. That's what I am looking for. I am thinking of having someone take a political position and make a first post for that position. I will contact people and ask them to do that. Are you interested in one of those positions. and would you like to write an opening post for that position on the thread?
    18. Inferno
      My social awareness is always part of me so I tend to worry.

      I am trying to make the thread a poll with many parties listed. Christian conservative liberal workers socialist communist libertarian Democrats Republicans democratic socialists a number of parties and hopefully people will describe what they want and see in these different parties.
    19. Inferno
      Well I worry about you my friend. I want you to be safe and housed and have food in your belly. I am just like that. I care about people. I want us all to have a good life. That is where my socialist leanings come from. I feel like in my life I have had things go my way. I have never really been in a situation of need and want. I don't like to see people struggle to earn a fair wage and have employment.

      I was able to get myself through University and have had a good job and good life. I have always felt like the elitists that I fight. It is one of my inner conflicts.

      I have had a lot of people refer to me as the intellectual elite. I wrestle with that all the time.

      I am in an odd mood today not up not really down but very thoughtful.

      I am trying to make a thread about political parties and the different ideologies. The Democrats and Republicans are far to large and cover way to much ground. I think we would get a lot father if we had more parties that represented smaller sets of ideas as their platform. I am wrapped up in my head today.
    20. Inferno
      Yes I do recall a bus strike back then.

      I hope you find something quickly. I hope your finances are going to be all right. Hugs I will be thinking of you in your search.
    21. Inferno
      It is the excess of buying that creates the large profits. You are correct.
    22. Inferno
      If we stop buying the world economy goes in the tank. They live to feed the giant consuming machine that the US is.
    23. Inferno
      How much does the world depend on the American consumer. The entire world depends on us to spend money.
    24. Inferno
      Greed will be the end of America. You can only take so much out of the system. Then it becomes a drain and the workers need to unite and fight back. Not separate unions but a national workers union.
    25. Inferno
      The saying on the money should be in Greed we trust. All others get to the back of the bus.
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