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    1. DanteAugustusGermanicus
    2. Taomon
      I have reached a decision with mixed feelings. I have been coming to this site for over a year now and I have been through much in that time.

      I have been working my tail off at my job, which is not a bad thing. I believe in what we are doing as a biotech making medicine for MS patients. I work with a great set of people and my skills have only increased since I was hired.

      I have faced some serious turmoil in my personal life in the past year and a half which has sent my stress levels through the roof. You can tell by my posts. There are times when I am lucid and intelligent and times when I become vicious and angry. :twisted: I have been banned for such moments.

      To those of you I have hurt, I am sorry.

      I have been going to school at night to achieve my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. However, I have recently changed schools and my major. I have decided to pursue my Bachelors degree in Political Science. I had switched my major in my last school, but found a better program at North Eastern University.

      The stress of school, work and my personal traumas has weighed heavy on me. I actually was on the verge of a break down. I sought help. I began counseling sessions. And as most counseling centers do, they have you meet a psychiatrist for two ½ hour sessions and a few 15 minute follow ups so he or she can prescribe medication.

      The man I saw pushed (basically insisted) me to take some meds to "take the edge off". He was unable to diagnose me, but felt confident that I must take these powerful meds to provide equilibrium. He was not sure if my situation was caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a Chemical Imbalance, Stress from a hectic and painful lifestyle, or a combination of the three. But my insurance company requires a diagnosis (and with that, medication) to pay for his sessions.

      The meds made me aggressive, paranoid and angry. I realized it when I was talking to my wife. Actually, she was talking and I was yelling (not at her, just yelling) and hyperventilating. We decided that I would not take any more meds from this doctor and I have since stopped. I announced this to my counselor and she saw how agitated I was and agreed. I insisted that I must have a natural remedy. I told her that I would either find benefits in meditation, yoga or martial arts or I would go back to smoking pot (which I have not done in years).

      She was against the idea of me smoking pot (no surprise there) but suggested that yoga would be best for me. She told me not to join hot yoga and I did not know what she meant by that until I started calling yoga centers. I found a wonderful place to go that suits me best. They follow a Gi-Gong/Tai Chi path (and actually offer those classes as well). I have been going for a short amount of time now but have gained many benefits.

      I have always been very spiritual and sensitive to energy (positive and negative). I believe this is the right path for me to God. I am opening my heart to many new things (such as forgiveness) and many things that have become pushed aside. Things I hold dear, such as my compassion, my love for humanity and a pursuit of expanding that love.

      But there have been many negative habits that I feel I should shed and want to shed (and a few that I cling to). I spent yesterday working on a database and periodically checking out Political Forum. I even posted a new thread. The level of negativity on this site is appalling. The sad fact is that this site is nicer than most. I know, I have been to some of the most vicious sites (Howard Stern had a message board as well as iWon.com, to name a couple).

      I need to walk away from Political Forum and message board posting. I may start a blog, but not for now. I have many goals that I am motivated to complete (school, three novels, a career change when school is complete and some personal spiritual goals). I wonder what it is we are doing here. Are we debating to change each other’s minds or are we bickering and venting. I don’t see any positivity coming from the discussion (such as a group written appeal to Congress or a grass roots campaign).

      However, I have many friends here and a few haters (okay, maybe I have many haters). You are all welcome to keep in touch with me via email at sean.pratt1@verizon.net keep in mind that I am fickle about ISPs so if something comes along that is better than Verizon FIOS that email may change. I have a default email where you can reach me (though I only check emails there once a week) at taomon34@yahoo.com

      I look forward to hearing from any of you and I wish you peace.

    3. katiegrrl0
      gratz on that. that is wonderful. things are good right now i am safe at home so far. we did have a few rockets land fairly close but we are okay. what is life without rockets landing near you. it keeps this adrenaline junkie happy. my wife gets crazy and Jerzy just sleep through it. i will be here until wednesday then off to LA then home.
    4. katiegrrl0
      hey you! just in for the eek will only be on a little bit tonight. i hopell is well in your life. things ar good in Israel the wife and baby are doing very well. he is getting big.
    5. Odin
      i say i f gouvernement get powver from militarie then it can do what it want. nobody can say thiis i s right or wrong.
    6. Odin
      d o you agree there i s no right or wrong but only strong gouvernement like in militarie.
    7. TennesseeRain
      Did you google that or did you know that? BTW, that was a brilliant Keith Moon performance on drums
    8. TennesseeRain
      You are forgiven....and you will get a big, big cookie if you can name the Who song with that phrase in it.
    9. TennesseeRain
      it's sista, not brother :)
    10. TennesseeRain
      My tongue is usually firmly planted in my cheek even when I don't overtly say so. :)
    11. Turkic Brat
    12. submarinepainter
      Merry Christmas! to you and yours!!!
    13. E_Pluribus_Venom
      Taomon, the thread wasn't about Bush's alleged illegal activities, or why louisiana-oilman hasn't posted anything about it. It was off-topic. I'm sorry you disagree. Truly, I am.
    14. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      I heard that freezing rain storm hit there one week ag. How is it there? , what happened
    15. Taomon
      My post was not off topic and I did it because it was the truth. Regardless, LO's post was definitely against the rules...unless you suddenly condone racism here.
    16. The12thMan
      Flamebaiting is when you post with the intent of provoking an angry response. Usually, it's off-topic, as yours was.
    17. The12thMan
      You flamebaited the thread, then reported the response. Do not do that.
    18. SagacityLexicon
      Thank you for the comment, how do you do that? There are some post I have wanted to do that with. I must be too new at this site:(
    19. wind

      I'm back.
    20. Taomon
      Good for you
    21. Skinny.
      I can't believe you forgot about all my pro-gay, anti-religioon posts. It was a troll topic. I even posted a picture saying "Successful Troll is Successful". Also notice that I'm in a pro-marijuana legalization group, a pro-gay group, and an anti-religion one.

      Fooled yas all :D
    22. Skinny.
      I see you liked my topic? :D
    23. Inferno
      I put down in ABNS thread that I am voting for Obama. I will join you in the ban if we get banned.
    24. Inferno
      I heard from Katie. She and her wife have the baby now and it seems they are moving to Poland. I will let you know if I hear anything else.
    25. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      Hey, What's up ? :)
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