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    1. Bosco
      I do not care what your political persuasions are. . . . .. .

      GRAND SLAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (*)(*)(*)(*) THAT MAN EVEN AS A FIANNA FAILER .. .. .. . . WHAT A DAY :P
    2. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Quit masquerading as a communist/socialist. It's your types that the term trendy lefty was invented for.
    3. Bosco
      Human nature is evil? That is a very theological argument. No the individual and hedonistic ideals you say are human nature are those that become manifested within a capitalist society. When socialists say that human nature is production, what that essentially means is survival, capitalism gives humanity no chance of surviving in the long term.
      The irony of your statement of course is the fact that as a political system socialism is a system that garentees education, welfare and competant health system( Mind you in Ireland that wouldnt take much effort).

      Exactly the boom was wasted. . . By the government. The government has been encouraging this type of borrowing and acquiring of mortgages. The government has even stalled upon the construction of local authorithy housing and replaced it with a system of constructing 'affordable housing'. Money was poured into the public sector? We have been cutting back on health care underneath the PD tyranny since 2002, Schools have higher average sizes than in the late 80s, most of the new roads have been funded by the EU, and unemployment was low during the apparant 'Celtic Tiger'. Where exactly has this money been poured? Paddy the Plasterer probably got most of it.

      The Private sector is better? Why is it then that they are now the ones who have collapsed, and the public sector are those chosen too foot the bill.

      WW was losing money because the company directors were taking the wrong course of direction in terms of marketing. It is a company that has exist for generations, its more than coincidental that it chooses now to bail so to speak.

      P.S Dee Tee-Shock, choose a good time to get out.
    4. Bosco
      What service are you talking about exactly. In the 80s the country entered one of its worst ever recessions, perhaps only to be surpassed by this one we currently find ourselves in.Have you ever read Human nature and that nature to produce is at the very core of socialist idealogy. If you have ever read Society of the Spectacle consult articles 12 and 18. They perfectly describe the delusion in which Ireland has been living in since about 2000. The fact of the matter is our boom ended at around the turn of the century and since the government whilst happy applauding themselves upon their success have been building the economy upon unstable basis. The construction industry and upon multinational finance. The private sector in Ireland have been nothing short of a joke, and now it appears that it is the public sector that is shouldering the burden. On top of that the day that the representative positions of the workers unions become cushy paid jobs is a sad one. I agree with you in terms of the Irish electorate turning right or neo-liberal over the past decade, however as you have seen yourselve the closure of Waterford Crystal has potentially politicised an entire county in the South East.

      As for Fiánna FAIL doing a great job since 1977, I find that art laughable. The boom was more of a catch-up than boom, and at that it was an illusion where very few people benefitted. In case it has escaped your attention they have overseen the current economic implosion, whilst they exonorate leaders and members who are experts at embezzling taxes.
    5. Bosco
      I realise you do not post here very often anymore. Despite this I have stumbled across quite a number of your old posts and I find it more than slightly amusing that you feel the need to slag off left wing politics whilst your signature is that of a marxist Mexican rebel, whom the Zapatistas attain their name from.

      By the way, what have Fianna Fáil ever done for the working class of Ireland, the myth of the 'Celtic Tiger' is quickly unravelling.
    6. Syfonic
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