A Russian honeytrap for Gen Flynn? Not me...

Discussion in 'Latest US & World News' started by litwin, May 12, 2017.

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    its a very interesting story , KGB has changed its style , does Putin has something on Trump ? what do you think?

    After his resignation in February, there were reports in the US and UK media about Lokhova, including the claim that Flynn's contact with Lokhova "troubled" US intelligence officials. On social media, the suggestion was that she was some kind of Russian spy or honeytrap.
    ack Barsky died in September 1955, at the age of 10, and was buried in the Mount Lebanon Cemetery in the suburbs of Washington DC. His name is on the passport of the man sitting before me now - a youthful 67-year-old East German, born Albert Dittrich. The passport is not a fake. (January 2017)

    The KGB spy who lived the American dream

    On the contrary, she says that because of her work with Prof Andrew, who has worked with defectors from the Soviet Union such as former KGB archivist Vasily Mitrokhin, who smuggled out its secrets, she is viewed with suspicion in Russia.

    "In Britain, I am now being accused of being a Russian spy. In Russia, some think I am a British spy. And I am neither. I am just a historian who writes about an area that has become incredibly politicised."

    "My life has been completely changed by this," says Lokhova, who gave birth to her first child just before the reports emerged this year.

    She says she became worried about being followed and also nervous of speaking on the phone or meeting friends, unsure if they suspected her of being a spy. She had already been involved in a public row with her former employers - a Russian bank - against whom she won an employment tribunal and was clearly left bruised by the experience of being drawn into a spy row.

    "I felt betrayed that suddenly I had been turned on in such a horrible way for… attending a dinner to help Western intelligence services understand Russia better.""
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    I read the links story. Fascinating really. He mentioned that 10 to 12 more spies were trained with him by the KGB... and who knows how many other " classes" there were right?

    Just so I'm clear are you suggesting it might have been possible for a spy to move to America..set up a life..then aquire a passport ( which he could not) then move to Germany, start a business there then the KGB floats huge amounts of cash into it... THEN that Spy moved back to America and started hob knobing with Trump and obtained some dirt?

    If so I'll say no. Trump for all his flaws is a blue blood. The kind of wealth it would take to get into his inner circle even when young would have had to have been enormous and that's not even taking into account the snobby closed social circles old money has.

    I'll say no pretty confidently to your OP's question

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