Liberal thought police.

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    Great stuff.

    "The cycle repeated when "Saint" Obama was president. Liberals who had loudly opposed Bush’s wars hardly blanched when their president promptly escalated wars in Afghanistan and West Africa, entered new ones in Libya and Syria, and exponentially increased region-wide drone strikes. We were treated to the sound of crickets for eight long years, as if antiwar Democrats had gone into hibernation.

    However, today, these attacks on me – and many others – as neo-Trumpsters or "Russian assets," has a flavor all its own. A Republican, at least in name, is president. Liberals hate him with even more ferocity than Baby Bush. Reflexive anti-Trumpism – though often warranted – is now so instinctual and unthinking that it borders on anti-intellectual hysteria. So yes, MSNBC liberals certainly hate Trump…but not his wars. "

    "Silly me, I thought the "left" was supposed to be against endless war in the Greater Middle East. We now know, once and for all, that they never really were. Rather than anti-war, they were ultimately just anti-Bush, and now anti-Trump. It’s about politics, not patriotism."
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