My Progressive Opposition to Hillary (Part I)

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    ....who knows. There are plenty of reasons to oppose her from the left so there may be more parts, but, for now, unto the breach, dear pointless as it is considering how brainwashed the democratic party sheep are.

    My Progressive Case Against Clinton

    I thought I would share some of the reasons I, as a progressive, cannot support Hillary Clinton. This is not to say that I will vote for Trump. I may not vote for anybody. Anyway, here are some of the reasons in no special order:

    1) The Environment. She doesn’t really support improving anything. She supports subsidizing big energy and calling it environmentalism.
    Case in point: HILLARY CLINTON PROMOTES FRACKING. That’s right–Hillary used her position in government to promote hydrofracking on behalf of Chevron. When Hillary speaks of “Clean Energy” she is talking more about fracking than she is windmills

    2) Civil liberties. Hillary fashions herself a champion of civil rights, but her history does not reflect that she supports them except when it is politically convenient. Some examples of her hypocrisy:

    A. She supported the continued use of drones to strike civilians in the name of “the war on terror” She didn’t just support them, but helped expand the scope of their use.

    B. Clinton voted for the Patriot Act to renew the Patriot Act which is the biggest affront to civil liberties that I can think of since Jim Crow laws were passed. As one commentator at HuffPo put it, Hillary is the candidate of the war machine ( )

    C. She wanted to make flag burning a felony, introducing legislation while Senator

    D. She co-sponsored the Workplace Religious Freedom Act which would have legalized discrimination in the workplace She also fought to regulate the content of video games

    This pandering fits right in with her being opposed to gay marriage when it was convenient, supporting it when it became inevitable, and claiming to be consistent on the issue.

    In short on this issue, Clinton isn’t a progressive or even a liberal, she is a conservative Evangelical wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even Mother Jones has written about her “secretive religious group”

    and the Huffington Post equates her with being more like a Reagan Republican
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    Just cause Hillary lies about almost everything, is no reason not to believe her.

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