The Apollo Moon Missions Were Faked in a Studio

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    The evidence that the Apollo moon missions were faked in a studio is crushing. The US government can't censor the evidence that's on the internet but it can bury it with disinformation and obfuscation. If you enter "Apollo hoax" in Google, you'll find about fifteen pro-Apollo sites for every hoax site. I made a collection of some of the hoax evidence the government is trying to bury.
    (If these links don't work, do a YouTube search on "Apollo 15 flag waving")

    At the 2 minute 35 second mark of the video the flag is still. When the astronaut goes past it, it starts to move.

    There are some analyses of this in these two series.

    This video shows that the flag is moving much faster than it would in lunar gravity.

    This video shows that the nature of the movement of the Apollo flag is consistent with its being in atmosphere.

    The above video refutes this attempt by the government to mislead the public.

    There's a noticeable difference in the body movements in these two clips.

    What I hypothesize is that a fifty percent slow-motion was used in Apollo 11 to simulate lunar gravity. Later, they improved their methods of simulating lunar gravity and started using a combination of slow-motion and support wires. The slow-motion in the later missions might not have been exactly half-speed. It might have been sixty five or seventy percent of natural speed. It looked better but it was inconsistent with Apollo 11 footage. The inconsistency is apparent.

    At around the 21 minute mark of this video the above footage from Apollo 11 can be seen played at double speed.
    (If the above link doesn't work, do a YouTube search on "Conspiracy Theory : Did We Land on the Moon ?")

    It can also be seen in this video at around the 30 minute 40 second mark.

    (The above video "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon" keeps going on and off-line. If the above link is dead, click here) funny thing happened on the way to the moon&hl=es&tbm=vid

    It looks just like movement in earth gravity.
    When the footage from this clip is doubled, the movements look unnaturally fast.

    Here it is doubled.

    When the Apollo 11 footage is doubled, the movements look natural. This makes it very clear that they used a simple fifty percent slow-motion to simulate lunar gravity in Apollo 11 and a faster slow-motion (around 67 percent according to Jarrah White's calculations) combined with wire supports in the later missions.

    Watch how the corner of Collins' jacket moves in this clip.
    (00:52 time mark)

    The corner of Collins' jacket swings back and forth the way it would in gravity.

    If the above link is dead, the footage can be seen here.
    (17:40 time mark)

    It's necessary to download the "Veoh video player" to be able to see it. It's free.

    Look at the corners of the jacket the woman astronaut is wearing in this clip.

    That is real zero-gravity and they behave quite differently.

    The movement of Collins' jacket corner is very different from that of the straps in this clip which is in zero-G.
    (3:17 time mark)

    It looks the same as the movement of this guy's jacket corners in gravity.

    One possible explanation is that they were trying to fake zero-gravity in a diving plane and the plane wasn't diving fast enough at that point.

    There is no blast crater under the lander.

    That is discussed in this four part video series.


    Look at the size of the reflection of the sun in the astronaut's visor at the beginning of this video.

    Now look at the reflection of the sun in the visor in the picture at the top of this page.

    It's pretty clear that the reflection in the Apollo astronaut's visor is that of a big light. Here's an article about that.

    At bottom of this page there's a picture of the astronaut's visor that has in it the reflection of what looks like some kind of studio light.

    Here's some evidence that they used wire supports to fake lunar gravity.

    The moon rocks are often presented as proof the missions were real. There are plausible explanations that would explain them.


    People say the Soviets would have snitched. There are explanations for that too:
    Well, why did they keep faking the Apollo flights, I still don't understand. Did the Soviet Union know it was faked? Why did they keep shut up if they knew it was faked? 'Cause a lot of people would think they kept the moon race going to prove the U.S. was better than the Soviet Union. If the Soviet Union knew, why did they let the U.S. get away with this?
    Well, I'll tell you - at the highest levels there is a coalition between governments. In other words, the Soviets said, if you won't tell on us - and they faked most of their space exploration flights - we won't tell on you. It's as simple as that. See, what Apollo is, is the beginning of the end of the ability of the government to hoodwink and bamboozle and manipulate the people. More and more people are becoming aware in the U.S. that the government is totally and completely public enemy number one.
    The Soviets, with their own competing moon program and an intense economic and political and military rivalry with the USA, could be expected to have cried foul if the USA tried to fake a Moon landing. Theorist Ralph Rene responds that shortly after the alleged Moon landings, the USA silently started shipping hundreds of thousands of tons of grain as humanitarian aid to the allegedly starving USSR. He views this as evidence of a cover-up, the grain being the price of silence. (The Soviet Union in fact had its own Moon program).

    Everyone should read Chomsky's analysis of the cold war.
    On the domestic front, the Cold War helped the Soviet Union entrench its military-bureaucratic ruling class in power, and it gave the US a way to compel its population to subsidise high-tech industry. It isn't easy to sell all that to the domestic populations. The technique used was the old stand-by-fear of a great enemy.

    It someone were to make a deathbed statement saying the moon missions were faked, the press would never report it as the press is controlled.

    Science journals are controlled too.
    (00:16 time mark)

    Also, it would be downright dangerous for someone to come forward. Look what happened to these guys.


    Here are some videos.
    (8 parts)


    What Happened on the Moon" (documentary) happened on the moon&hl=es&source=hp&tbm=vid

    Here are some articles.
    (Wagging the Moondoggie)

    This site has a list of experts who say the missions were a hoax.

    The astronauts look pretty nervous at the press conference.

    Here's a link to the entire conference.

    This keeps going on and offline so if this link is dead, try googling "Apollo 11 press conference".

    Their behavior look pretty suspicious here too.

    The main reason they had to fake it was probably space radiation. Here are some articles and videos I've found on the subject.
    There is an old saying that "A liar needs a good memory". Nowhere is this more true than in the Apollo program. NASA tell lies to cover up previous lies, and other discrepancies uncovered by people investigating the Moon landings. Altering previous data, removing photographs, and retracting statements made, only re-enforces the evidence that NASA are on the run, and being forced into a corner to which they cannot escape. The actions of those under investigation makes the investigator more aware they are bluffing. The longer that person, or persons, who make the extravagant claims continue, the more lies they have to tell in order to counteract it, until it reaches the point where it becomes ridiculous. That point was passed in July 1999, when NASA officials were questioned about the Moon landings on television. They dodged the all important questions like a drifter dodges the heat.
    Many Apollo astronauts have long since died, as to have many of the original NASA officials involved in the scam, consequently current officials, who know that Apollo was a fake, have not quite got it right when talking openly in public. Perhaps the biggest slip of the tongue was made by NASA Chief Dan Goldin when interviewed by UK TV journalist Sheena McDonald in 1994. He said that mankind cannot venture beyond Earth orbit, 250 miles into space, until they can find a way to overcome the dangers of cosmic radiation. He must have forgot that they supposedly sent 27 astronauts 250,000 miles outside Earth orbit 36 years earlier.

    two sets of radiation data
    To prove his thesis, Rene tries to get certain solar data from NATIONAL
    OCEANIC & ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION, (NOAA) using clever techniques
    disguise his true intentions, [i.e. to get true data on solar flares.] NOAA,
    unfortunately, proved to be as cagey as Rene in dodging the giving out of any
    really good DETAILS on this matter, [you know, where the devil resides.]
    Rene, seeing games being played, deduced that there must be two sets of data,
    one which is sent to scientists on the preferred list, and one sent to the
    likes of Rene as casual strangers. (p.125)

    These two are important
    (23 parts)

    The Chinese space walks were obviously faked in a water tank and NASA's official position is that the Chinese space walks were real.

    The pro-Apollo posters at the forums of both the "Clavius" and "Bad Astronomy" websites tap danced around the evidence that the Chinese space walk was faked because they have to agree with the official US government version and they can't say it was faked without looking silly. Here are the threads. They're hilarious.

    They pretty much destroyed the credibility of those two sites when they didn't seriously address the evidence.

    It's pretty clear that they're government damage-control sites.

    Here's some good research if anyone wants to delve further.
    Q: Why do prominent astronomers like Sir Bernard Lovell and Patrick Moore support the Moon landings if they were faked?

    A: Scientists and astronomers around the globe know full well that the Moon missions were faked, but rely on NASA to gain access to the vital data beamed back to Earth from the Hubble space telescope. They cannot slag off NASA otherwise NASA would deprive them of this essential information, which they so much require.
    Q: What about the vast number of people involved in Apollo, wouldn’t someone have spoken out.

    A: Pan’s claim there were half a million people involved in the Apollo program, but that includes all the humble engineers working on machine parts in many companies around the globe. So if someone is making a part in some engineering factory in Seattle, and his boss tells him it’s for the Apollo spacecraft, is that engineer proof the landings took place? No of course it is not proof, and even if that engineer knew they never made it to the Moon, he would still brag to his friends that he made a part that went to the Moon just to make him feel proud in some way or other. Parts for the Apollo program were made at many different factories around the globe. For example the laser reflector supposedly left on the Moon was manufactured in France. NASA collected the unit from the French company, and that was the last they saw of it. It’s probably stashed away in some archive at Langley, but one things for certain it’s not on the Moon. Are those French engineers proof they landed on the Moon? No of course not, as very few, (probably less than 200 people), were actually involved in bringing the whole lot together, so as to minimize what was actually taking place. No need for any of them to speak out because (A) They are 100% patriotic to the USA, and would say nothing that would go against America, even if it were true. (B) They do not need millions of dollars to safeguard their future, as they have already received substantial amounts from NASA just to “keep mum”. Read comments from people who worked on the Apollo program in the APOLLO FEEDBACK section.

    On this thread there's a debate between Jarrah White and Jay Windley.

    Jay Windley is the most famous pro-Apollo person on the internet.

    Jarrah White is the main hoax-believer on the internet.

    In this video Jarrah says he stopped posting in that debate because the moderator was deleting his posts.

    Jay Windley will only debate where the moderator will ride to his rescue when he's cornered.

    Here's some more stuff about Clavius and Bad Astronomy.

    They may have faked the Mars missions too. Do a YouTube search on "MarsFaker" or click on this link.
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    After the ass whooping you received in the first identical thread here:-

    You created a duplicate thread and got another dose.

    Then you feel the need to repeat this same thread for the 3rd time, so you can go back to your basketball thread and whinge about how you are being censored.

    You are quite mad.

    All the above spammed post taken apart here:-
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