The "Geney," is literally out of the bottle with CRISPR/cas 9

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    I read the thing awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine every year and I believe I read about CRISPR/cas 9 in 2016.

    The thought immediately occurred to me that this technique could be used to make any organism extinct including human beings.

    There's a gene on the Y-chromosome called the SRY gene that is expressed into about 2 weeks of gestation that is responsible for male differentiation.

    A Scientist could delete the SRY gene on the Y-chromosome and the cells natural repair mechanism would repair the damage by using the gene at that locus on the homologous chromosome as a template to repair the damage.

    The other gene would be a gene on the X-chromosome and we all know two X chromosomes makes one female-right???

    Every person born with this modification would be female, generation after generation...

    Eventually everyone born would be female and human beings would go extinct.

    That's a possibility.

    Another possibility is the next step in evolution is going to be genetically engineered super people, with super strength, super health, and super intelligence.

    We already know the genes associated with intelligence, health, and strength.

    The Chinese actually bioengineered a beagle to be twice as strong as a normal beagle.

    Do you think the Chinese care about bio-ethics???

    A damn breaks in China and kills 300,000 people and the Chinese are like, Meh.

    Mark my words, within the next 20 years all of are overlords will be Chinese.

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