What should children be taught?

Discussion in 'Education' started by hiimjered, Jan 10, 2012.

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    I'm going to guess if you ask the high school where this particular student graduated they will tell us that definitely the students not only know multiplication but are also tested for this. There is no way in 2012 that public education has abandoned multiplication or simple math...maybe in 20-50 years but not in 2012.

    There are a million good reasons why every person should be able to do simple math, on their feet, without a machine to help, without their fingers and toes, and this goes on 24/7.

    Most students cannot comprehend and grasp the English language much less a second language!

    This kid in my example is a good kid, a nice kid, but he's an idiot! He is a public high school idiot! He just spent 12 years of his life in public education to come out the other end an idiot! I would not hire that kid to flip burgers! I'll hire him to cut bushes, etc. I also asked him what his plans are now that he is out of high school; the answer was 'I don't know'. This kid also has two parents at home, a good life, and he is not mentally challenged. He is simply another failure of the public education system drop-out factory...
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    I believe the Federalist Papers should be required reading for a more well informed electorate of the United States.

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