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    1. submarinepainter
      The topic was fine it was the poor choice of words , we should try to keep it clean , Subby
    2. Trinnity
      I realize that. Locally if you aren't a dem you have no chance of winning. So some conservatives do run as dems. Unfortunately, my county is over 56% black, and if you're not Black your chances of winning are almost zero. Only Black dems have the power here, and my county has few jobs and no growth. Most of the county budget goes to

      1) social welfare, and
      2) salaries of county employees.

      We don't have a wal-mart, hospital, only 4 grocery stores, only 2 Hardee's and one Burger King - no other fast food franchises, 5 stoplights, -you get the picture. We've got nothin'.
      Some of our congressmen and legislators have been put in prison for embezzling or stealing large sums of govt money, and many more have simply gotten away with it. The last one - when he got out of prison claimed he was jailed for his race/being Black. NO, he stole lots of money on his way up the ranks, and when he was elected to Congress, they caught him pretty quickly.
      As long as my country/district is ruled by Black dems, we're gonna have no jobs and no growth. IOW, we're screwed.
    3. Trinnity
      I don't see you voting democrat. I think you're more of a true libertarian than you realize. The dems are statists and the modern dem party is socialist/Marxist. That's what progressives really are.
      Do you really lean that way? I don't see that in you.
    4. elijah
      Luke uses the term Hegemoneu, instead of legatus (Governor), hence he would not have been the governor, but maybe just the executor of the census. Judea lost its independence to Rome in 1ce.
    5. elijah
      you brought up 2 and I answered them. You must have missed that post.
    6. kmisho
      "It was more covering those issues, rather than amending something."

      I don't think they called the contents of the bill of rights "amendments" by accident." It seems odd that they would do so on the surface, like calling your main system your backup. And I think that's what they meant. Each amendment is supposed to be a backup of a natural right. The bill of rights does not grant rights but only codifies them, because if these things are rights, the justification for them is not to be found in the fact of writing them down.

      Anyway, nice talking to you. If I recall, you and I have agreed and disagreed on several different things before.
    7. kmisho
      I'll go you one further and say I think the constitution was ORIGINALLY INTENDED to be "living." What does the first amendment amend?

      You could actually do a search on this site and find places where I said good things about Goldwater conservatives...and wondered where they all went.
    8. kmisho
      Sure. It's a place where people can talk directly without disrupting a thread.

      I guess where I get off the bus is on the selfishness issue. My perspctive on the usefulness of government comes largely from Tom Paine's Common sense.

      Being disdainful of taxes doesn't make you pro-business except sort of by default.

      Everyone should be a work in progress. This is where I get off the bus on conservatism altogether. The basic fallacy of appeal to tradition is, from what I cna see, a basic article of the conservative faith.

      You can imagine I find the current crop of regular Republicans absolutely terrifying. It's almost inconceivable to me that any of them could get elected, from Rick Santorum to Michelle Bachmann.

      I agree too much time is wasted on abortion and gay rights and other things. These are only issues at all because of social conservatives.
    9. devilsadvocate
      np, I never considered this medium here as a means to discuss and talk about things, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      I just want to pay less taxes for more things that do not effect me, I would rather not pay income tax (i do not think it is necessary, and I think had it existed earlier, it would be another reason to fight the crown.). If this makes me pro-business, then well I guess I am. I vote and think on most issues from a selfish point of view. I would like my situation to be better. On the other hand many issues today, don't effect anything and are a waste of time and resource to constantly debate about (abortion, gay rights, etc.). For me I am a work in progress, also the place i have lived definitely effects my out look. I started in Southern Illinois, moved to central Missouri (I was...well I was a republican), then I moved to the Washington DC metro area and have been here for 3.5 years (now I am independant and seriously considering voting democrat for the 1st time in my life, I know they have some conservative candidates out there or moderates that I can agree with more than these neocons).
    10. kmisho
      Thanks. My antiauthoritarianism is fairly stable. But I've been gradually moving more and more to the economic left, constituted mainly of being less fearful of a democratic government and more cognizant of the abuses of business.
    11. kmisho
      A thing I find interesting is that I am apparently more "libertarian" than the average US libertarian. In my experience US Libertarians are mere Republican pawns
    12. kmisho
      Your political compass is interesting.

      Economic Left/Right: 6.12
      Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.46

      I wonder what constitutes being so far right economically and almost right in the middle socially.

      Here's mine. I'm fairly strongly antiauthoritarian and somewhat collectivist.

      Economic Left/Right: -5.12
      Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.95
    13. magnum
      Thanks for accepting my friend request!
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