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Mar 21, 2009
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Mar 25, 2016
    1. Boomer
      Dorable. You still around?
    2. Falena
      Thank You Dorable, I appreciate it!
    3. tresha
    4. Boomer
      Hi new/old friend,

      They let me out of the box!
    5. PursuitOfHappinessParty
      I am PursuitOfHappinessParty everywhere I go. (except when I tried to troll at Ann Coulter's site as CommonCents, the only two who replied changed their minds and agreed with me and ruined my fun - never went back!)
      PG is a really cool site. I just needed a change of pace, but I'm going back really soon. Tell 'em I sent ya they'll treat you good.
    6. PursuitOfHappinessParty
      ArgueWithEveryone - love your description, I'm stealing that one.
      Hey A, I'll have to try that board out sometime!
      I'll return the favor,
    7. tresha
      Ya read that whole thing?? :omg:

      Whoa.... (actually that makes me feel kinda special....hee heee)
      Heck, all I gots is my humor sometimes....

      Oh I just loves it when the medical folks tell me (or my friends) "oh you're wayyyyy to young to have to worry about any of this ye---well lookie here at these test results!! I guess I'll have to put you on this medication for the rest of your natural born life now won't I?"

      My circle or RL friends---about 18 months ago friend of ours was trying to get properly diagnoses and I do believe our favorite "Stupid Doctor saying" was (and I swear this is a direct quote) "Oh you don't want that! It's very rare and hard to treat and maintain..." (about Addison's Disorder)

      Anyway---makes me feel fuzzy to know it's left an impression on someone....heck! You've barely been here and watching you take on some of the more...*ahem*....interesting Christians has made an impression on me---so we're about equally impressive I'd say!
    8. tresha
      in reference to this post right here...
      I had to look up what them fancy sounding words sounded like and mercy...brought tears to me eyes it did. :nod:
      I surely do have a joy for living and was not always thus.
      Given the medical events of the last 10 days---my fervent prayer is that I get to continue experiencing this.... "joie de vivre" for many more years yet to come.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Much needed and appreciated especially of today.
    9. Inferno
      We have our ups and downs. Now with gray hair and wrinkles on my face I find that I have been around a while. I feel good many days. I do have my ailments but I don't let it get me down. I enjoy life everyday. Things are good. It sounds as if you enjoy life as well.
    10. Inferno
      Oh god yes it would be wonderful. So many people just fall into something and are never happy with their careers. We have always helped each other in our careers. They match up well. Both of us are sincere activists and it helps that on that level we can meet. To be able to understand your spouses work is very good. I noticed on one of the posts you said you were in your mid 40's you have a great joy in your writing and that doesn't show. I would have though younger like Presluc did. I am 57. I am getting seriously old. LOL You are though only as old as you feel. That makes me 465. Hugs.
    11. Inferno
      Sounds like a beautiful life. Alice went to law school and i was at Brown Uni. I went into teaching. I never taught any grade lower then college. Most of my years were spent teaching grad students how to make a revolution. I was surprised how many main stream students said that they were able to transfer what I had taught into business and other places in their lives. That made me feel good.
      Alice is a lawyer for the ACLU. We were and are both people with causes and grew even closer for all of that.
      I am glad you were able to find yourself outside of your field. The fact that you seem to have enjoyed your role as mom makes that all wonderful and special. I admire people that can put themselves into family 100%. It is a tribute to them and it makes the whole world better.
    12. Inferno
      I would never have been able to make a child a priority. I was to busy fighting the demons in the world. I had to much to conquer in my life. I was always a hell raiser. I still am for the most part. I have been forced by health to calm down but that fire is still inside.
      It is nice that your family has a business that he can be part of.
      I was a professor and did teach some history in my Social Science classes. I taught Grad students in a class on Revolution in modern American post 1950. That was my history part. I loved that. I had to give it up during the past few months.
    13. Inferno
      Sounds like he is an excellent child. That must really make you proud. What does he have in mind for his future? You and your husband must have done a wonderful job in raising him. That goes far when the parents take the time to raise children correctly. Job well done.
    14. Inferno
      I see how having your own can change some of the feelings. I never have been comfortable with kids around. I in know way every even dreamed of becoming pregnant. I am not all that feminine. I do the butch thing. My wife is semi feminine.
    15. Inferno
      I am always impressed with mom's. I never had children and did not want them. I really have a difficult time when they are around. I have always been to selfish with my life. Alice my wife and I were always focused on some cause and our life. We never even thought about kids in our life. The commitment it takes to be a good mom is special. That is a wonderful task in life. I commend motherhood and what that entails.
    16. Inferno
      Awwww. I am sure that is difficult to let him go. Big hug for mom to help with bittersweet.
    17. Inferno
      I hope the day is a great one for you.
    18. Inferno
      You are welcome. Hugs
    19. Inferno
      If more Christians were like you it would be tolerable for those of us that don't believe. A special gift you have.
    20. Inferno
      The whiners make me crazy. I can't stand it. I love your avatar by the way. Oh yeah sweety thank you for the rep.
    21. squidward
      Hey Dora !
      Good to see you again.
      Just getting my tentacles wet over here myself.
    22. Inferno
      Sleep well and dream of good things. C U tomorrow.
    23. Inferno
      I'm glad you do. We have fun and get rowdy but the posting is great here. I have come to really love the people here they are really great. I and the rest of us are very happy you have come to be here.
    24. Inferno
      "I am a tarte, what! You want some of this?" :chainsaw:

      The tartes use this as part of their signature. Nice meeting you I do hope you enjoy the forum. You have meet now most of the insane ones. We really do post some good stuff.
    25. Paris
      Oo Lordy, you speak like a true Tarte! Ravi de faire votre connaissance.:)
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