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Apr 29, 2011
    1. Frogger
      Dartmouth is probably a great school but none of my immediate family has matriculated there and among all of us we have attended 18 colleges and/or universities.
    2. Frogger
      Nope. I have attended seven different colleges during my lifetime but Dartmouth wasn't one of them.
    3. shpraralain
      I apologize, but I do not understand. Have I engaged in this thread?
      Perhaps you wanted to correspond with someone else?
    4. flounder
      Hey ed saw you in first place on Top poster, nice job
    5. Tedminator
      heheh thanks.
    6. Tedminator
      hey there Eld. yeah.. one with sunglasses.
    7. Xilaisalt
      LOL, i saw your post on someone else's profile. "you're a troll, have a nice day" one.

    8. AvniSinanoglu
      Thank you very much for your visit our Forum
    9. Makedde
      I havent attended drama school, no. I used to be interested in drama in high school, but all the girls who bullied me decided to take that class, so I skipped it. I dont think I have family in NZ...I have family in England, I believe...
    10. Southpaw
      No problem. I just did and left out the "<<< Mod Edit: Blah Blah >>>" stuff so the posts would flow a bit better.
    11. Tough Love89
      Tough Love89
      When all else fails. We can agree to disagree :)
    12. Makedde
      I merged your thread with another one which was already started. You can see it in the current events forum - just in case you wonder where it went! :)
    13. Tough Love89
      Tough Love89
      Thanx. Who is your avatar?? Hope to debate you soon!
    14. DorkdoltConservative
      As much as i don't like you, you won the "debate" against Hyenakiller. Although the debate never started...
    15. cenydd
      Nope - wasn't me!
    16. Jiyuu-Freedom
      I just want to be fair and balanced to everyone. It is part of being a humble person whom I think I am.

      And as far as your thread goes, you had every right to contest your feelings there. I appreciate that you took the time to reply to me. That's huge!

    17. Jiyuu-Freedom
      I do appreciate you noticing the mistake in spelling. Really:) Thanks for the rep.

      Have a good day. BTW, I apologize for interferring in your thread. I did not over step my boundaries but should have left it alone. Sincerely.

    18. tresha
    19. Bosco
      No I have never read the book if Im honest. Though my two cents on the conflict is that both republicans and loyalists have a selective in terms of their memories in regards to the Irish conflict, neither offer a proper account of the history of the isles. As a socialist and a historian I have been able to transcend the tunnel vision of these two so called ideologies.
    20. Bosco
      Oh my attributed nationality by the way is Irish. Though I see myself as more human than anything else lol
    21. Bosco
      MEh only certain organisations do support the regime in Cuba. We argue that while there are many progressive attributes to the Cuban regime, they come at the price of democracy and therefore can never really be either fully justified or celebrated
    22. Bosco
      Are you a member of any international left wing organisations?
    23. rugger10
      The rugby scene in the states is growing, but you are right- the NFL is much more popular. High school teams are popping up more and more these days, college and university level rugby is growing, we have national championship tournaments, and rankings. The mens club division is also growing into being a substantial league, with national tournaments. It is hard though to get the following we need though because most people don't even know rugby exists until they start playing. It is very rarely shown on TV unless people have an international package. My hope is that this sport will continue to grow from the grass roots level until the United States can no longer deny the greatness of the sport. Maybe then we'll actually have a competitive international squad. As of now, we get hammered internationally. Good luck with the paintball endeavor.
    24. kmisho
      I see. Somehow how I got the reverse impression. Thanks
    25. kmisho
      I'll see what you have to say in defense of God if you can find your moderator
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