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    1. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      oh and i have a huge case of controlled demolition,your just too afraid to listen to witness testimonys,many being firemen experienced in the sounds of explosives and like all official conspiracy theory apologists,have no answers for building 7,the CRUX of the 9/11 coverup commission.
    2. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      as always,you prove you are afraid of the truth about government corruption.not only do you ignore facts that 9/11 was an inside job and run off with your tail between your legs when your cornered,you ALSO tell outright lies about the JFK assassination as well.,you live in a fantasyland believing oswald killed kennedy despite there is no shread of evidence of that.hahahahahaha

      you need to get a comedy club going. you ignore how many witnesses said they saw a gunman behind the picket fence fire a rifle then wound up dying in mysterious deaths and how all the doctors said his head and THROUT wound were entrance wounds to the front and that oswalds rifle was a piece of crap.

      you need to seek a psychiatrist to deal with how you live in a fairly tale land and are afraid of the world and cant face reality.
    3. Dave1mo
      " There is nothing there that compels a woman who was raped to carry the child of her rapist to full term."

      It prevents people from "procuring" abortions; oops, you embarrassed yourself. Not surprising you won't head back to that thread.
    4. Dave1mo
    5. garyd
      Listen Sonny boy I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to speak the truth in as much as I am able. Neither of us is omniscient, or omnipresent. We don't know everything so we will occassionally be in error. As for runnng off with my tail between my legs. Sorry I don't live here. I have other things I like to do on this particular computer and since I share it with my wife, And she takes precedence as it sits in her sewing room. I've said all I hae to say on the 9/11 truth movement. You can't make a case for contolled demolition with the evidence you have as it isn't physically possible to do it in the time available. I already know I can't change the mind of you OCD types. I post merely that other might know the truth.
    6. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      nice lies .you cowardly run off with your tail between your legs when you are cornered and dont even try to address the facts and evidence because as we both know,you are afraid of the truth about government corruption like 9/11.coming back with pitiful one liners saying you are a tin foil hatter doesnt debunk anything either.grow wonder you havent made any friends around here.hahahahaha
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    retired, health related
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    married for going on 39 years
    born will eventually die like everyone else, Viet nam Vet, I was a conservative before anyone ever heard of Rush Limbaugh

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    Woke: n. A sad and peculiar form of endarkenment in which one must jam one's head so far up one's back side that neither the light of reason, the light of day or simple common sense and logic can drag one anywhere close to reality.

    If one is not a government worker or a billionaire a vote for democrats is the morale equivalent of bending over grabbing your ankles and saying, "Please sir, may I have another, and please use the really big paddle this time.