May 12, 2009
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    1. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      You're welcome. I am going to stay out of that thread haha! But I just liked how you put it together in two sentences. In a thread of that title there is no need to get into a discussion of the motivations of black soldiers of the CSA, later northern injustices towards black migrants, or impune the motives of northern abolitionists or (and this one made me really angry and I almost went beserk on Java) imply that because northerners didn't have experience of slavery it was easy to be abolitionist. That one really upset me. I leave the thread probably more upset with the backflipping all the liberals were doing in trying to be reasonable to neo-Confederates! You have to draw the line somewhere with all of this stuff.
    2. Iriemon
      That probably puts a different perspective on things.
    3. a777pilot
      Thanks. It's been three weeks since they opened me up. The doc says I will be better than ever. So far so good. I'm here to tell ya, that when the first two cardiologists tell you that you should have died, it will grab your attention. But I'm here now, so......
    4. Taxpayer
      I like the new icon, the one with the kitten always seemed a little confusing and maybe disturbing to me. New one is iconic, simple, makes a statement--good choice.
    5. justonemorevoice
    6. justonemorevoice
      dang it, howd you quote other threads like that? quick go to blades own profile, i found 2 doozies about halfway down.
    7. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      There's a World War II Buffs group Costigan started. Link to it on my page. Join up!
    8. cassandrabandra
      thanks! I just couldn't resist it!
    9. i.beletesri
      OK thx.
      I thought that response was ... I don't know what.
    10. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      Looks interesting Irie and I bookmarked it! However I have Vista and it looks like it stops at XP! I've got a buddy coming over to show me how to set up compatibility mode soon so maybe that will help? I might try it on "demo" and see how it feels at that point. Thanks for the tip!
    11. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      Computer or board games? I've never played any but my Dad was a big fan of "Squad Leader" in the 70's.
    12. jackalope
      Oh whew, I hadda ask !!!

    13. jackalope
      Hi! Nice to meetcha :handshake:

      What's your avatar? Is that a bunny in a pile of (*)(*)(*)(*)? :laughing:
      I'm partial to bunnies, so I hadda ask. :mrgreen:
    14. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      Just a subtle one lol.
    15. Shep Dawg
      Shep Dawg
      Merry Christmas Iriemon

    16. flounder
    17. Southpaw
      Which post number are you talking about? I view the pages with 20 posts at a time so page numbers in links often mess up for me.
    18. The-Irish-Socialist
      I'm not really asking why people think slavery is wrong. Rather I'm trying to get the objectivists to prove it is objectively wrong, which of course they cannot do.
    19. changed
      Thank you for the rep.
    20. katiegrrl0
      thank you for the rep
    21. Anikdote
      Yea, if your going to attack someones positions, redefining words to fit your argument is a poor place to start.
    22. catawba
      LOL! You are too funny! Keep up the good work!
    23. camp_steveo
      I didn't misquote TFM. Go read the (*)(*)(*)(*)ing posts dude.
    24. Bowerbird
      Okay - I have studied it for ages - that pic in your avatar is a kitten right?
    25. justonemorevoice
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