Jul 12, 2012
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My mom passed away on January 5th. Thank you for all the kind words and messages. Feb 6, 2023

    1. Collateral Damage
      Collateral Damage
      Just saw this. My condolences.
      1. Richard Franks
        Richard Franks
        I had my mother pass away last month.
        Mar 3, 2023
    2. 19Crib
      I just heard. My condolences. I will miss her greatly.
    3. Jeannette
      My mom passed away on January 5th. Thank you for all the kind words and messages.
      1. Woogs
        Very sorry to hear this news. Jeannette was a kindred spirit, politically speaking. She will be missed.
        Feb 17, 2023
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    4. Adfundum
      We're thankful for her contributions. She will be missed.
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    5. Durandal
      My condolences. Her poetry will be sorely missed.
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    6. dairyair
      Condolences to the family
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    7. Overitall
      I didn't know her but may she RIP and may her family find comfort in these days of grieving.
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    8. UntilNextTime
      Sweet dreams Jeanette. You no longer have to endure the madness of this world. Your education of the ignorant will be missed.
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    9. yangforward
      Jeanette wrote a lot of good poetry, it was greatly appreciated
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    10. yangforward
      I am so sorry. Jeannette was my favorite poster, she explained things so they made sense to me.
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    11. Falena
      I'm so sorry to hear your mom passed away. You and your family have my deepest sympathy. Rest in Peace Jeannette.
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      2. Jeannette
        Thank you.
        Jan 25, 2023
    12. Richard Franks
      Richard Franks
      I'm sorry for her passing away. It's God's will when it is your time.
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      2. Jeannette
        Thank you.
        Jan 25, 2023
    13. Jazz
      Happy New Year, dear Jeannette!
      Haven't seen you lately. Are you o.k.?
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      2. Jeannette
        Hi. This is her daughter. My mom Jeannette passed away from cancer on January 5th of this year.
        I know how she enjoyed participating on this forum .
        Jan 24, 2023
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      3. Jazz
        Oh No!
        She passed away on my 88th birthday!
        How sad, but probably also a welcome relief.

        Dearest daughter, thanks for letting me know. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you.

        Jeannette was such a positive and bright spirit. Her inspiration will be missed by many.

        Kindest regards;
        Jan 25, 2023
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    14. Pollycy
      I am greatly entertained and inspired by your animated cartoons and your poetry. Also, please allow me to wish a very happy New Year in 2020 for you!
      1. Jeannette
        Thank you, and a happy New Year to you too.
        Dec 31, 2019
    15. Jeannette
    16. Margot2
      Assad is aligned with Shia NOT Sunni. That's why he is close to Iran and supports Hezbollah.
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    17. Margot2
      Kurds have always lived in northeastern Syria..

      The Russians were INVITED in to bomb Syria..and there have been 250 Russian airstrikes on Syrian hospitals.. Of course they should pay to rebuild Syria unless ethnic cleansing was the objective all along.
    18. MVictorP
      Damn, you are knowledgeable, Jeannette.

      I should say you are part of this forum's incredible female posters. You gals are putting most of us guys to shame, truth be said.

      Anyway, just saying how much I appreciate your presence here, regardless of opinions. Don't ever leave!
      1. Jeannette
        Thank you!
        Aug 7, 2017
    19. Moi621
      Dear Jeannette DEAR

      PLEASE clean out your inbox.
      I have written you at least 3 brilliant
      PM's that would not send
      because your box overfloweth. :-(
    20. Woogs
      Jeannette, love your posts on Ukrainian history.

      Is it my imagination, or are all the shills absent today? I've seen no posts by any of them.

    21. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      hey better stop drinking that you have been seriously brainwashed.EVERYBODY knows that it was bastard reagan while governor of california was the first politician to open up abortion.

      you lost your credibility big time saying it was kennedy.hahahahahahaa

      It wasnt till roe vs wade passed in the 70's when that abortion law was arent even aware that jfk was killed in 1963 obviously.comedy golg.

    22. Liebe
      Ha ha your thread on why so many Israel related threads can be found on the Latest World News forum is gone - not even moved. What a surprise! LOL
    23. Jeannette
      Yes that's me. Glad to be among friends...and enemies as well. I couldn't get on the forum with the name Jenny, but luckily Jeannette did the trick. :blowkiss:
    24. Liebe
      Hi, could it be that I know you as jenny from a previous - now defunct - forum? :peace: In any event, welcome!
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