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Mar 31, 2010
    1. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      How is it going lad?
    2. Dejarik
      I've made an attempt to post empirical evidence indicating the superior efficiency of socialism in the "Capitalism vs. Socialism" thread, but considering the anti-socialists' previous failure to understand empirical evidence, I'm unsure how successful that attempt will be.
    3. Dejarik
      Thanks for the welcome.
    4. garrettda
      Cant wait for the day :)
    5. KWD
      it will come,it will soon i'd hope
    6. garrettda
      Tiocfaidh ár lá
    7. Bosco
      I don't think it is even laziness that people refuse to inform themselves of the workings and misdemeanours of their respective countries. I think it has more to do with apathy rather than anything else, the feeling that as long as we're okay I do not care. That individualistic and not communal thinking is exactly the type of mentality that a capitalist system instills within its subjects, and apathhy suits nobody but th powerful and the elite. We need something major to shake people up, we have the credit crisis if we can organise the left properly then we can show that we are the correct system. However there are signals particualy in Europe that politics may go down the same right wing route as it did during the 1930s depression.
    8. KWD
      There are not alot of commies in florida..I've been in fist fights over Che shirts and Fidel shirts. only and argument or two over Zapata apparel
      but regardless i've turned well over a dozen Dem's and Rep's to my way of thinking
      but over all the people here HATE the word socialist
    9. Bosco
      Native Americans must be one of the most oppressed people in history and have truly fallen victim to the consequences of imperialism just like your amerindian kin in south and central America. You are correct the economics of the American state works in a way that it is exploitative and imperialistic. But they are not alone the EU also plays a major role in world exploitation
    10. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Am i to assume you are a rare breed in Florida? Is it not full of Cuban Castro hating Counter Revolutionaries?
    11. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      I really havent met enough Americans to comment accurately, from the media the perception i get is you are all too like us (the British), meaning yu (as a group) are apathetic, ignorant, jingoistic and borderline racist, but like i say that's how i see my own country.

      Politically, as a state my opinions about the US are much more clear. i think it is the biggest threat to world peace followed by IOsrael and Britain - in that order. I think Che Guevatra was right when he called it "the great enemy of mankind"

      The reason i mention those 3 countries is because i see them as playing the biggest imperialistic role in the world today. Since WW2 the US has either invaded or organized a coup in more countries than i can re,e,ber, off the top of my head there is Cuba, Venezuela, Iras, Nicaragua, grenada, Panama, guatemala, Chile, Iraq (twice), Afghanistan (twice), Vietnam, Korea. And i know there is even more than that.

      I think because of the capitalist model that is imposed on the world, mainly through the US, more people have died at the hands of economics than at the hands of Adolf Hitler.

      Imperialism is the highest point of Capitalism
    12. Bosco
      I have no problem adding you mate. Its good that our numbers are growing because the amount of conservatives and right wingers is overwhelming at times, and as we have too few American leftists you are but the ultimate debate weapon if you dont me describing you as such lol
    13. Reiver
      No bother! It makes a change to talk to folk that know something for a change. Laughing at the libertarians can get one dimensional
    14. White Fox
      White Fox
      If you're interested at all, you can read Human Action here online:

      Keep in mind that it is a serious economic treatise and the reading is very difficult.
      He also has a treatise specifically on socialism, which you might want to look into:

      Only in an open minded discussion with a constant flow of new and contrasting ideas can a reasonable approach to societal organization be found.
    15. KWD
      better 4 good comrades than 100 good capitalists

      not a fan myself...i don't know how much you know about American politics, but here people tend to throw free thinking away and just believe whatever their party says to believe. Looking into his record he was hard-core capitalist as a republican..hard-core anti-Establishment as a lefty and over all he seems more like a follower, not a leader but thats just what i know of him so you can draw your own conclusion(sorry if I'm not much help)
    16. Leviathon
      welcome, great to see you. I think bosco's right, we've got a good few lefties here now but I think we're still outnumbered (or at least outposted) by the far right.

      I've been meaning to ask an American socialist about Mike Gravel. I've only seen the odd appearance from him on one of George Galloway's shows and I'd like to get your opinion on him, if you know of him.
    17. KWD
      new to the site but loyal marxist glad ya'll added me
    18. Bosco
      Welcome comrade.Thank you for the add, it seems the left here has seen a surge in the recent past :D.
    19. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Do we have another red on board then? If so hope to see you posting soon comrade.
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