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Oct 7, 2011
    1. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      That sounds nasty. It's History, Philosophy, Politics for me.

      Is it Sociology, History and something else for you?
    2. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Definately man, wud be class. The finances are what stop me from do basically anything. I don't know how people manage uni and working, it baffles me.

      How's the study coming on, you got many exams to go? My last one is on thursday, I cant wait for it to be over but at the same time would happily postpone it if it meant some more study time.
    3. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Don't remind me man, getting old, it's all downhill from here :D
    4. Think for myself
      Think for myself
      I am what I am.

      I jest. I am very liberal on most issues, libertarian on some, and conservative on others. Socially and fiscally liberal. My friends call me the gun totin' bleeding heart.
    5. Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne
      No problem at all my friend. BTW, I really enjoy your posts. They're very thought provoking. You're obviously quite intelligent.

      My compliments to you.
    6. Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne
      Sorry, no. For the past year or so I've post on this forum and

      There are other Jason Bournes and Bournes out there.
    7. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Hey man, I know the feeling. I've got a politics exam tomorrow and barely know anything and to make matters worse I don't even get to see the game.

      The rep was just someone trying to be clever and failing

      It was for this thread, the last post explains it a bit.
    8. deaner
      what i'm trying to get at is that regardless of what trotsky wrote, which in itself reveals his elitism and disdain for true democracy, isn't it people's actions that determine their valour?
    9. deaner
      "1. Immediate new elections to the Soviets. The present Soviets no longer express the wishes of the workers and peasants. The new elections should be by secret ballot, and should be preceded by free electoral propaganda.
      2. Freedom of speech and of the press for workers and peasants, for the Anarchists, and for the Left Socialist parties.

      3. The right of assembly, and freedom for trade union and peasant organisations.

      4. The organisation, at the latest on 10th March 1921, of a Conference of non-Party workers, solders and sailors of Petrograd, Kronstadt and the Petrograd District.

      5. The liberation of all political prisoners of the Socialist parties, and of all imprisoned workers and peasants, soldiers and sailors belonging to working class and peasant organisations.

      6. The election of a commission to look into the dossiers of all those detained in prisons and concentration camps.

      7. The abolition of all political sections in the armed forces. No political party should have privileges for the propagation of its ideas, or receive State subsidies to this end. In the place of the political sections various cultural groups should be set up, deriving resources from the State.

      8. The immediate abolition of the militia detachments set up between towns and countryside.

      9. The equalisation of rations for all workers, except those engaged in dangerous or unhealthy jobs.

      10. The abolition of Party combat detachments in all military groups. The abolition of Party guards in factories and enterprises. If guards are required, they should be nominated, taking into account the views of the workers.

      11. The granting to the peasants of freedom of action on their own soil, and of the right to own cattle, provided they look after them themselves and do not employ hired labour.

      12. We request that all military units and officer trainee groups associate themselves with this resolution.

      13. We demand that the Press give proper publicity to this resolution.

      14. We demand the institution of mobile workers' control groups.

      15. We demand that handicraft production be authorised provided it does not utilise wage labour." [quoted by Ida Mett, The Kronstadt Revolt, pp. 37-8]

      does this sound like a neo-imperial agenda? in fact that programme was voted on by a group of 17 000 sailors, peasants, and workers. something tells me you've never seen those before.
    10. deaner
      Bosco, if you would describe yourself as a trotskyist, how would you justify the actions taken against the Kronstadt rebellion?
    11. Mumen
      Israelis or Israel Supporters, claim that all these crimes are not crimes at all, it is just some traffic accidents, i wonder, are the traffic accidents happening everyday in the same streets, and always the victims who get smashed everyday must be Palestinians !!
    12. frodly
      I was just looking at your response about the Jam, and I am a bit confused, as I do not know your religious views. If you are catholic, then the pope is def not a nazi. But in reality, he kind of was. He was in the hitler youth. So I am confused, by the apparently contrdictory nature of our beloved nazi pope(I was raised catholic as well).
    13. frodly
      ya, I think you are a bit harsh on U2. :) They are far from my favorite band, but of all the popular bands in the US, they are among the best. Sadly popular music in the UK is WAY WAY better than in the US. Like supergrass for instance, you might not like them, but I like them very much, and in America no on has ever heard of them. It is still not great, but way better than the crap we get.
    14. frodly
      of those three, I would probably say the smiths, then the cure, then joy division. I like all three though. Do you like the jam? The replacements? Being Irish, what do you think of U2? I never liked them much, until I saw them live and was blown away. They are probably the best rock concert I have ever seen. They sound great and the energy in the crowd is amazing. It is one of the reasons that it bothers me the bands I like aren't more popular. A lot of the pretentious people who go to shows I do, like the music because it is not popular. I think at least some popularity is good, as it improves the atmosphere in the crowd. I go to way to many shows where hipsters show up, and just nod their heads!! I like being at concerts where people dance and sing. That is fun.
    15. frodly
      I like pitchfork. I go on their probably twice a month, and look at the best new music. And I am going to the pitchfork festival this year, as it is in chicago every year. I also hear about a lot of music through word of mouth, and by going to a few different bars and concert venues 2-3 times a month.
    16. frodly
      Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I first read your post about johnny flynn at school. I have no way of hearing sound there without headphones, so I could not listen to it at the time. I meant to listen to it at home, but forgot about it until today. I like it. He is good. Where did you hear about him from?
    17. The Somalian Pirate Bay
      The Somalian Pirate Bay
      What's wrong with the socialist worker party?(i know of them, just little about them)

      Red standard?

      Oh also, my knowledge of communism is ok, but fairly basic, what's the difference between being trotskyist and leninism? From what I've picked up they're fairly similar, if I've been reading things right.
    18. The Somalian Pirate Bay
      The Somalian Pirate Bay
      Political party wise?

      I would describe myself as 'Old Labour'.

      None of the main parties seem to share my ideals, parties with no hope in hell of getting elected such as Socialist Labour(set up because Labour has become far too centrist) would be who I most agree with.

      I will probably vote for Labour(New Labour) the next election in vain hope of keeping The Conservative Party out.
    19. The Somalian Pirate Bay
      The Somalian Pirate Bay
      Nah, I wouldn't describe myself as an anarchist.

      Just a very liberal socialist.
    20. Paris
      salut mon ami comment allez-vous?:)
    21. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Im actually not familiar with him but I'll keep my eyes opened.

      Got the crappiest news, we have exams on saturdays and one of mine is during the last old firm of the season and to top it off my uni is quite near Ibrox and I need to get the underground which is what most of that mob go to the games on. Gonna be one of the worst days ever.
    22. Joe Castro
    23. Loathor
      Wicked... thanks for the new name to throw around. :)
    24. deaner
      indeed, i think libertarian socialist suits me fine. i think you should reconsider trotskyism, interesting, inspiring character but elitist at the same time. socialism is the means not just the end my friend, and trotsky's means were more than just oppressive.
    25. Leviathon
      Sorry, it's not letting me access the link. How you been anyway? Is the forum still full of BNP guys?
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