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Oct 7, 2011
    1. Inferno
      I wish you continued sucess in the persuit of wisdom. There are many different philosophies that can work. It is important to always keep your eyes on the truth and that is that in the end capitalism will not meet the needs of the people.

      In my view the people are the most important aspect of our lives.

      You have chosen a good intellectual field. You with a degree in socialogy will be able to have a fine influence over the minds that need to fed other than the lies they have been brought up to believe.
    2. Inferno
      Hi Bosco,

      It is nice hearing from you.

      I live in a loose cummune in Chicago about 150 people belong. We share what we have for the common good. We provided a few scholarships for some of the members of the group. It has been great. Of course we are still in the heart of a huge city but we do what we can. A couple of the members will move to a farm in the next six months and that will give us a new look. The group is buying the farm so as to begin to be more and more self supporting. It is our experiment in Utopian Socialism. That is how I classify myself.

      I have read all of the Utopia writes starting with More. Francis Bacon Atlantis Harrington's Oceana and so on.

      Marx and Engels are in a way the motherland for our ideas. They tended away from the Utopian principles.

      Locke, Cabot, Owen, and Fourier are much of the basis for what we areattemping here. Winstanley Law of Freedom is a favorite of mine. That is where I have gotten much of my understanding.

      I do a lot of political reading and Have been a grad professor for 10 years. i teach Social Science and the last 4 years have only been teaching Revolution in Amerika the modern era poat 1950. That tells you something about me. Nice meeting you. I will close and offer friendship as well.
    3. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Would SP be Socialist Party?
    4. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      I'm with you 100%. It's time to be honest about the issue - its the inherent fault of the economic system.

      As for Lula i'm guessing he just said what he thinks poor Brazilians want to hear. Thats just an indictement of "democracy" though - you often have to say what people want to hear rather than what they ought to hear.
    5. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      I dont think mentioning race was too bright an idea, it wont win any friends. Even though it is mainly white people to blame, they are all rich people. That is how i see it at least.
    6. thedreamer
      Grand Slam!
      And the Boxing too!
      Fantastic Weekend.
    7. alexa
      so true and possibly multi personalitied, one trip pony BNP members who may indeed be immune to rat poison because they can slip into areas none of us can reach. Yes, indeed BNP members best to watch your back from. I am putting in a reply to Gluck on the Radical Muslim thread. We shall see how that goes.
    8. Paris
      Sorry mate, Father Tarte dubs me Plasters, Im baked. . .:)
    9. Paris
      My gealic is burrish but I geuss you said somehting niec?
    10. Paris
      Vive l'Irlande! Bravo! Vive la verte Irlande! Bravo, bravo! :)
    11. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      (*)(*)(*)(*) man, i'll need to look at it tomorrow cause im just finished a 10 hour drinking binge. Seriously avoid Glasgow like the plague. I was in the city centre, my m8 ditched me to go in a club where i got a knock back, waiting on a taxi home myself, and i just saw like the worst violence ever. Standing myself and these 2 groups of lads walked by started fighting, lads on the ground and stampin on each others heads and (*)(*)(*)(*), place is (*)(*)(*)(*)ing brutal man. Not shat myself so much in a long (*)(*)(*)(*)in time haha
    12. Vanek
      Thanks for the welcome. The liberal democratic form of capitalism is effectively a greater foe of socialism than the "free market" form, as far as I'm concerned, because their arguments contain limited appeal to the working class and are therefore deceptive.
    13. Tehran Tim
      Tehran Tim
      I appreciate the heads up man. Thanks.
    14. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      hi man

      how are you doing ?:)
    15. Leviathon
      Haha ok.

      Of course the BNP are disgusting but you know they may get an MEP in the coming European elections. A BNP man as ambassador for Britain in Europe, lovely.
    16. Leviathon
      Sorry about that mate. Good luck with staying sober.

      Yeah, they are right in some of their criticising of labour over their ars, economic policy etc...
    17. Leviathon
      Drinking way too much mostly and having too much of a good time to be posting against BNP idiots here. :P

      I've seen a few of their threads and it's pretty typical stuff, even the things they're right about they ruin with hypocrisy later.
    18. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Just read it, good man.
    19. Joe Castro
    20. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      haha classic. Take it you were steamin last night then too. Was horrible this morn, i woke up for uni with the shakes and had to puke out on the street :D
    21. Joe Castro
      Joe Castro
      Haha top class m8, what a game :D
      I couldn't get on yesterday, for some reason i kept getting a message saying i was blacklisted from the site.
    22. Ivan
      Seems that way.
    23. tresha
      sadly for me it's not about handling me liquor so much as some wretched parasite trying to kill me....and if I continue to puke, I shan't be able to hold down my regular meds.

      There are just only so many times I'm willing to shove a medicated suppository up me bum.
      I've me standards don't ye know!
    24. tresha
      oops, nae, you've not mentioned your Communist-ism to me, but fret not!

      My bestest friends in the world proclaim themselves to be "Christian Communists" and certainly live up to their ideals!
    25. tresha
      Oh, 'tis a sad state I've found meself in laddie!

      I've already been puking and am still a day and a half away from St Paddy's Day revelery over on this side of the pond.

      If this keeps up, I shan't be able to get rip-roaring, (*)(*)(*)(*)-eyed drunk as has been my plan and is, of course, my RIGHT :shamrock:
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